Perturbator – The Uncanny Valley

I am the hype – 2088

At last, the bloody album I was expecting impatiently to be assembled in the T-800 music factory located in Finland.
We got from the past what we hyped so much for the future after wearing out the tape of these shameful and fraudulent mp3’s of something I still listen while driving at night, because I am the night, we all are.
Now I find myself in the uncanny valley, after all the Dangerous days that took me to gritty neon pink and smoky erotic settings while dismembering pseudo humans and machines; I have to say, what a fucking ride!
So much metal on metal, eerie prolonged resonations, sorrowful synths and remembrance of my childhood favorite sounds and utterly connected to the biggest names I can think of; Jean-Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze, John Carpenter and even contemporary Jack Wall, Clint Mansell, Hans Zimmer and so on.

Tokyo – 24 years into the future

James presents us with something that takes our own selves to the uncanny valley (do your research, you lazy bastard) where sentient beings dance to his beat with their eyes closed, as the pinkish purple neon lights blinds them off while the smoke irritates the pupil, although some still do it with their eyes open – I call them Nexix – but that’s another story inherent to my mental diarrhea.

The setting comes obviously from our favorite sci-fi literature as well as our beloved 80’s flicks (I would tell you again to do your research but now I’ve just lost you) and that alone should give you the craving for more “Perturbator” sounds such as ‘Neo-Tokyo’ that opens the ball in the middle of the action with harsh and heavy beats to progressively pace the setting for more ambient and trippy tracks with sensuous voices comebacks (thank Luci for bringing us the light again). Hayley Stewart (Dead Astronauts) and Greta Link took me once again, and hopefully took you guys too, for some journey through love ( yeah, I’m corny but I bet you all got hypnotized with their wondrous vocal chords), and I have to say that they still get me into a state of melancholia.

As a personal taste, I’ve always enjoyed more the trippy, ambient and peaceful tracks that make me wander through the smoky, neon illuminated narrow alleys of Chiba City, (Femme Fatale and Souls At Zero being a perfect example) but those heavy and fast tracks take me right into the action, so I just get on my Ceramic double-rotor two-wheel disk drive bike and ride where shit happens in a city filled with crime, depression and no-future whatsoever for the common mortal.

While riding through the city of misery and despair, I can only think of one thing. Where the fuck is my nanocell and how is it possible to mix Disco with this gem of a sound? Well, he did it, I enjoyed it and I actually was thinking of two things. Must be some kind of malfunction in the micro-neurocell cortex connection…

I wonder why I enjoy so much running over the walking scraps at over 88mph but the metal clinging gets me off so much, I stopped caring. Diabolus Ex Machina has to be the culprit with his frenetic sounding, coding and hard basses while at the same time giving me the urge to decelerate so I can appreciate the suffering of an emotionless piece of flesh that no longer seems human…

I finally see a pit stop, time to replenish me and the two-wheeled seater.
The Uncanny Valley, they call it. I feel appeased knowing that I am at the end of the starting point, although we all know that this journey will be reiterated, I will create a persona for every new road that takes me to this place, where everything began to end…

Since James is from Paris as I once was for many years, and having enjoyed the game ‘Remember Me’ where that city turned out to be a Futuristic dystopic society lost in tech, I long to see Paname being his next setting, showing me the worst our society can alter to and how much would be the cost, so I too, can dance to his beats with my eyes opened.


Text by Flama Jiberish


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