Sinistro – Semente

Three years after the ep “Cidade”, Sinistro return from the studio with the full length album “Semente”.

Just as their previous work, this one contains the lulling, powerful and somber voice of Patricia Andrade which combines perfectly with the slow heavy sound introduced to us in the first album back in 2012.

The departure for this journey “Partida” is given with a thunderous roar of doom that hypnotizes your head to follow the rhythm, her voices arrives softly and sweet but quickly you realize that this voice is capable of much more when a more sinister tone creeps up from within. Calms moments intertwine themselves with the bass keeping the atmosphere heavy and the rest of the sounded wandering dangerously around it, the voice takes us by the hand in dark suspicious streets where we feel horror and wonder.

The road opens ahead of us,“Estrada”, with a bassline that lingers in your head, once more that sweet haunting voice shows its versatility throughout the song. The calm, contemplative sound of the road bursts eventually in one of those moments of hypnotic heaviness while the voice rests until it ends with a sonic withdrawal that resembles a spiralling motion.

“Corpo Presente” begins with yet another one of those riffs that refuse to leave your head and another one of those moments when the she surprises you with new vocal possibilities. The chorus has a subtle, blackened twist that evolves naturally from the first riff, the second time around we are presented with another head vibrating moment that intensifies until it reaches a perturbing cacophony and culminates in a return to the origins of the song without leaving behind that disturbing ruckus which fades slowly and gives way for the next song.

“Semente” enters the ear slowly and grows inside to the sound of Patricia’s voice in the company of an electronic sound, a somber piano and further into the song, a beautiful solitary bass line.

From “Semente” erupts “Reliquia” with a blast of doom that echoes your brain, the somber piano is heard again from behind a mountain of dragged out, potent riffs. Suddenly everything calms down but the lighter, soft part does not stop caressing our ears with sonic pleasure, the voice returns sad and sweet to once again lead us through the music. The cascade of heaviness returns like a series of spams that hurt the neck in spite of the voice which remains with a charming tone. Not for long though, the piano returns and moments later that voice transforms into something much more acute and anguish filled without losing its beauty. All this ends softly, however, you can still feel your head vibrating inside.

We get “Visita” next with a slow start and some cosmic elements. Once again Patricia Andrade’s voice melts your heart like a scalding knife on butter. She doesn’t even need to say words for the sound of her voice to make you feel some feelings. A much calmer song in comparison to others. It ends so simply, so beautifuly, so hauntingly that it will echoe in my mind until the end of my days, emotion turned to sound.

And it all ends with “Fragmento” which occupies eleven delicious musical moments of this album. It starts with one more of those riffs that won’t leave my head, it evolves into something equally appealing in the same moment the voice arrives, inwards, an obscure whisper that promises blood, a moment of cannibal lust. Throughout the song that voice alters back and forth between all the possibilities I have described so far, when doom finally hits, the guitar and the voice unite in a deep scream that shakes our brain cells. Returning to the initial sound, the voice shows and almost childlike tone without losing its origin until the doom comes back with the same alliance between guitar and throat, shouting together. This time the heavy doom is here to stay with a truly powerful riff that does not allow my head to be still as I write this. It last the rest of the song, with just a few seconds between one end and the other to breathe, “Fragmento” charms your head in a continuous, dry motion that would eventually fragment any skull. It ends here, just as it started, in thunderous doom.

A truly sinister experience with high peaks of reverberating heaviness and isolated abysses of sweet, soft, musical contemplation, “Semente” is an album that clutches you and does not let go until the last note soars and makes us feel like we have awoken from a grey dream.


Text by J.P. Alves

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