ACXDC – Implore – Misantropia – At Cave 45


This last Tuesday a sweet musical threesome of ass whopping happened at Cave 45. To start off the night with a proper deep disgust for people, the Portuguese band “Misantropia” played their mix of punk and grind.

The audience was considerable but motionless. But then again, nothing works better like calling the public a bunch of pussies. After this happened, some guy came flying butt first into some other guy’s face starting a mosh pit. I was amazed at how low and how fast he flew through the air. It was a pleasant opening act, the kind of opening act you want. They wrapped it up with a Wolfbrigade cover.

Afterwards it was “Implore’s” turn, three germans filled with the same grind energy and crust power as their music and it was a sight to behold. Violence erupted from beginning to end in a visually and sonic spectacle that is worth seeing again. They have one album so far called “Depopulation” which is well worth a listen. The audience would have begged for more but the aftershock left everyone a little numb.

Then the American Antichrist arrived in all its power violent glory. Antichrist Demoncore, aka “ACXDC“, took to the stage with butt clenching fury and raped everyone’s earholes thoroughly. This is the kind of band that doesn’t bother waiting for you to clap between songs, they’re too busy starting the next torrent of grind goodness. The mosh pit was so appealing that I felt tempted to get in there and it was totally worth it until I couldn’t stand on my left leg, then it was only sort of totally worth it.

A big thank you to all the good people who helped me out when I was stumbling all over myself in the mosh pit. I had to watch the rest sitting down and it was still and amazing show with people flying all over the place to the sounds of “We Kill Christians”, “Dumb and Dumb shit”, “Wookies have feelings too” and “Sexual fantasies with biblical figures”. They had such brutal intensity that I’m not even sure if these were the songs they played, I know I’d go see it again.

The usual pleasant night on Cave 45, a big thank you to all of them and to Six Pack Bookings who not only have a great name but also bring great names to our humble little country, even if no one knows those names. Keep up the good work, I don’t know what plans you might have in the future but I most definitely want to be there.


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