La Chinga – Mr Mojo – Burney Relief at Porto Rio

This Sunday I was sitting at home by myself when suddenly I realized there was going to be stoner metal playing at Porto Rio. I rushed there but the Sunday afternoon tourist traffic jams kept me from getting there in due time.

I arrived as “Burney Relief” were playing and it was good. I had been listening Orange Goblin in the car and their sound felt like a logical flow from there to where I was. Vibrant and pleasant stoner metal with doom, thrash and psychedelic elements thrown in. An experience I certainly want to experience again. It is a shame that their material is only available in the live format.

Next came “Mr Mojo“, the band I didn’t even knew was playing that day (I thought there were only two) and what a pleasant surprise it was. Doom stoner with a dark undertone and a rough voice that fitted perfectly. They had a good stage presence as well, which is always nice.

The main event were three Canadians called “La Chinga“. They gave a long show filled with stoner rock that reminded me of The Atomic Bitchwax. They displayed their veteran status as a band with every instrument at their disposal and didn’t even bother with the small turn up of people at that Sunday afternoon, they had a blast with us anyway and were eager to return to Porto.

A fun way to pass the weekend, it has been years since I have been to Porto Rio, it was good to be back.

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