Monasterium Fest V



This is a tale of metal and sadly, unprofessionalism. Saturday night, just before nine eleven, Monasterium fest happened in Paços de Ferreira, land of great furniture. The civic center where the shows took place was surrounded by a nice simple garden with a pond and a kiddie park. A kiddie park in which a formidable crowd of headbangers descended upon for beer, joints and music.

Starting off the party was “NightMyHeaven”, it was also when I realized I had forgotten my photographer. That’s right, it’s going to be one of those “all words no pics” report that barely anyone reads because there’s no pictures in it. If you’re reading this, write hail Satan’s balls in the comments.

Anyway, “NightMyHeaven” brought some melo death blackness to everyone’s heaven and especially to the two super hyped guys who kept moshing with only themselves and jumping all over, the audience might have loved it, but damn, not like those two.

Up next was “Deadlyforce”, classic heavy metal epicness with all the expected ingredients. They made everyone feel nostalgic for the good old days when a lot of us were still sauce in someone’s ball sack. The exited head bangers from the first show came back to show everyone that their necks did not hurt yet. Some moshing ensued even.

Things were getting fuzzy because the beer was not particularly expensive. “Ravensire” continued the heavy metal mood going with a slower, well played sound and awesome vocals. More nostalgia swept the audience for the heaviness of yonder.

Then someone gave the heavy metal some cocaine and “Wanderer” played the most epic show I’ve ever seen them play, ever. People went wild on the frontline, hair was swinging everywhere, and people sang along while they punched the night. The band played a cover for ADX’s “Déesse du Crime” and guess who went up on stage as guests to sing with them? ADX! Fuck yeah! The crowd demanded another song with their fists on the stage, which the band played, it was a repeated song but there was nothing else, still a win.

Afterwards, things got very dark and serious with “Humanart” and their pure black metal. A band I had not seen since 2009 or something, when they opened for Moonspell at Maiact, it was nice to see them again, get some misanthropy in the brain. Some drunks attempted a mosh pit, but as trve cvlt rules dictate, no moshing is allowed when pure black metal is playing. It was a very nice display of blackness. The lights threw a shadow behind the drummer that resembled a skull, winking once in a while which added to the atmosphere.

Sadly after this, the beer and joints made me lose track of time and when I realized it, “M.O.R.G.” had already played, my apologies to the band, the beer was too good and the j’s too smokey. A wasted thrash opportunity for me. Regardless of my lack of professionalism, it was a great party that I would come back to next year.


Text by J.P. Alves



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