Repressão Caótica – Esquema Forjado EP

You better be in the mood for some sweet ass crust punk because that is exactly what I’m about to lay down on you with “Esquema Forjado” by cockland’s very own “Repressão Caótica”.

It starts with a sample of a man screaming that “Fado” is poison and that the ones who play it should die. For those who don’t know, “Fado” is a generally whinny traditional Portuguese music that was force fed to the people back in the days of the dictatorship, so a lot of people still hold a grudge, in short, for people who like extreme music in Portugal, this is a damn fine example of how to start a crust punk EP.

Just as the old man is telling the “fadistas” to drop dead, (ignoring the shushing sound) “Fábrica de Sonhos” punches through the sample right in your face with crust power and your body can’t help but move. A nice groovy start to this EP that compels you to hear the rest and promises some awesome shit.

“Velocidade Maldita” follows with more punk to keep our heads from standing still and ends with a slower almost doomy tune that still keeps our heads from standing still.

An ominous speech follows, a man says that those who work are afraid to lose their jobs, the ones who don’t work are afraid they will never find work, when they are not afraid of hunger they are afraid of food, the civilians are afraid of the military, the military are afraid of a shortage of guns and the guns are afraid of a shortage of wars.

A culture of fear, or as we say around here “Cultura do Medo”, which is not only a thing governments and banks are seriously into, it is also the next awesome song, with more delicious crust riffs, punk rhythms and a catchy chorus, awesome speed ensues as well and to punctuate the guys speech at the end of the song, there are those who fear the end of fear.

“Vitimas do Ódio” starts slow but soon the punk cums right in your face, cum full of crust that keeps that pit going steady. It gets slow again in the end before it fades and another speech happens, this time a shorter one, more to the point.

“Everything is discussed in this world except for democracy” it’s what we hear before “Mentes Falidas” begins to punch you in the brain. The level of crust punk goodness never gets lower so your head keeps banging.

Another speech, a patriotic one from our brand new president introduces “Esquema Forjado”, this one throws the punk crust into a grind blender and the result is a delicious music shake. This is that one song when everyone gets murdered in the mosh pit and buried with a smile of broken teeth.

“Xispes” closes the EP with a song dedicated to a great venue in the Land of the cock, a place where fried chicken steaks are bigger than your momma’s wide fat ass. A fast relentless rhythm opens the song nicely, then crust gets psyched up for a while in the middle and then it fades.

So if you need something fast and crusty to lighten your day, look no further, fucking Repressão Caótica!


Text by J.P. Alves

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