Mata-Ratos (New LP Release), Eskizofrénicos – Cave 45

Finally! We’ve been saying for years, what our country really needs is not a great new political figure or party, what it needs is a new “Mata-Ratos” cd because these guys tell it like it is, and damn, it finally happened.

Last Saturday night at Cave 45, the legendary punk band “Mata-Ratos” unleashed live upon the world their new album “Banda Sonora do Apocalipse Anunciado!” and everyone rejoiced.
The party started howling with special guests “Eskizofrenicos”, a nice local punk band with great stage attitude that got everyone wild and warmed up with their classic songs such as “animal anti-social”, “clube do rock roll”, “Não”, “Na cidade” and “Cavalo de Corrida” which Newton from Mata-Ratos sang with them, they even played an Ace of Spaces cover from Motorhead. The crowd was intense and considerable from the start, plenty of dancing, plenty of beer, sadly some spilled beer, two guys toasted and when they did, one of the bottle’s base broke and all the beer went down on the floor, sad, deeply sad, also hilarious.
After the schizos said their goodbyes, the legend took to the stage and showered us with both classic and new songs. It is mandatory that when Mata-Ratos do a show, you will leave sweaty and hot because your ass won’t be able to help itself, it will move.



Naturally there was an intense, brutal mosh pit from one end of the show to the other, a show filled with new, beautiful anthems like “Tsunami de Cerveja”, “Nação Ficção” and “Jihad Lusitana”, nostalgia filled old classics, “Leis de Merda”, “Raça Humana, Raça Superior”, “Deus, Pátria e Familia”, “Napalm na Rua Sésamo” and “C.C.M” (for any foreigners reading this, C.C.M. stands for the number one political party, cunts, butts and tits) and somewhat classic but not really songs such as “Outra Rodada” and “Quem Nós somos”.


It didn’t matter that people were flying all over the place, everyone kept singing along to the music, they weren’t planning on doing “Juntos para sempre” so the crowd did it for them.

Always an amazing stage presence and a wildly drunk and delirious audience, the legend continues being the most infamous band in this country and making damn proper parties, this special event at Cave 45 was no exception, the last song before Newton immediately left for the bar was “XU-PA-KI” a fitting end to a perfect display of what punk is, fuck all this shit and lets go get beer.


Text By J.P. Alves

Photos By Fátima Inácio Gomes

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