Destruction’s “Europe Under Attack” Porto-Hardclub


As some of you fuckers may know, last Thursday there was destruction in Porto, literally. The show was in Hard Club and it started at 7pm, which is pretty early for shows when your schedule is packed with other demanding shit. Plus, I had to get some fine ass smokables.

Cutting the bullshit, that made me lose Nervosa, and Enforcer, I feel bad for myself. But as I entered Hard Club, rushing more than crackhead to his dealer, Flotsam & Jetsam were playing for about 5 minutes, so I missed the first song.

The public was enjoying itself but not much of a beer skating drunk pit was going on, until Eric Knutson presented the song “Life is a mess”. I dont know about you guys, but I relate to that song, and it seemed that most of the people seeing the show did too, and Boom… There it was, the beer skating drunk pit was on, wet and more slippery than your momma’s vagina when she sees a post on Drunk on Drugs (and she really needs to stop calling us).

Beers were flying, People were falling, and we rocked the hell out of that show, because Flotsam & Jetsam don’t fuck around when they come to your town, believe you me guys. Such a good show full of energy, and mind-blowing thrash, although it was a band that I knew before but didn’t think of as much of a big deal, it was a fucking good surprise when they delivered a fucking good show.

After Flotsam, we went to get beer at a Coffee place nearby to prepare ourselves for what was coming next, you guessed it, Destruction! After the beers we rolled a joint because we’re a bunch of Drunks on Drugs. Puff puff pass, and thrash with class… I knew what I was getting into since I saw Destruction live last year, and it was so good that it was mandatory to see them again and as you may expect yeah, they know how to deliver a show.

Playing some classics like “The Butcher Strikes Back”, “Bestial Invasion” and “Nailed to the Cross” as well as some stuff out of the new album “Under Attack”, which I don’t remember the songs because booze… But one thing I will definitely not forget is all the beer wasted since that beer skating pit I told you about, it was growing bigger and messier than ever, fed by the sound of one of the best thrash bands out there, fucking Destruction!

Text and photos by Diogo A.

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