Punkada no Galo


Some time ago we went back to Barcelos to party with some bands close to our hearts. The shadow of the pigs still loomed over us and we feared two things. That the party was going to be awesome and outside and the Government Sanctioned party poopers would poop all over our happiness and the organization just like they did on Sound Violence, or that the party would be taking place inside.

Either one or the other was going to happen and so the party happened inside and it was a great party. It was so damn great that there was hardly any room for anyone else inside, we caught a few glimpses of “Back Alley Lobotomy” playing and it was good.

Hardly being able to fit inside, we headed to the outside place where people were getting drunk (we are always drawn to places where people get drunk) and we got drunk. Being out there on the couches with alcohol made us lazy and every time we thought of going inside we didn’t.

The sound was good out there too and we have seen these bands before, we know they are good. “Gorgasmico Pornoblastoma”? Fucking good, great music, great shows full of energy and it sounded like that a lot from where we sat.

Warbombs”? Ok we never saw Warbombs before but tell me, if you were lazy and drinking on a couch, would a band you’ve never seen and know nothing about move you off the couch more than a band you know and love? Doesn’t matter, we heard them, they sounded great, I’m sure the walls were getting crammed with people trying to mosh in there.

Atomik Destruktor”? Are you kidding me? We saw them the previous day on Cave 45, if it was great then, it was great the next day too, they still played a cover from Sepultura and Sodom and they still carried some semi catatonic guy from the premises who kept repeating “agent orange” (this happened in Cave 45 too, we were just experimenting with a video report format at the time and haven’t gotten around to edit the terrible crap with recorded, in which this was going to be explained).

Vai-te Foder”? Vai-te foder indeed! These guys are beautiful live, I went to see some of it through the cracks in the crowd and I was amazed, there was a huge fucking mosh pit happening there, I did not know this was possible on the inside of Xispes but there it was, beautifull.

So yes, I failed a little, I did not see the bands, I only heard them, but I was still there and I can still tell you with all certainty, “Punkada no Galo” was a damn proper party and it should be attended, the bands were great, the mood was great and if you are ever hungry, Xispes has deep fried steaks bigger than your fucking ass.

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