Verdun – Vircator – Rock Star Club



The party this Thursday was up north, at the Rock Star pub in Braga where a short and sweet double show happened.

We got through the door when “Vircator” was already playing, the guitarist was stroking that guitar fiercely and thoroughly, heads all around shook lightly and the house was packed so tight we could barely see the band. They filled the air with their soft instrumental post stoner to everyone’s delight.

A nice opening act for the French “Verdun” who came next. I had no idea that Paulo from Besta was in Verdun now, a pleasant surprise since I love Besta and Redemptus and that guy has tremendous stage presence.

I thought to myself at the beginning of the night, it will be tough to top the show I saw of them in the third stage of SWR, but with that guy on vocals they did it. The show was intense and powerful, hair waving in the front, heads swinging in the middle, people drinking in the back and the sombre heavy riffs of Verdun from songs such as “Last Man Standing” ringing deliciously in our earholes, doom sludge done right.

It was a short party but big in sound, SWR keeps being one of the best and bringing the best to our little ass end country.

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