Salem’s Pot – Pronounce This!

Some time ago, a man roamed the streets of Oslo in a dress, wearing make-up and totally wrecked, he looked around and he saw all kinds of stuff that got him thinking. This trip and all its ponderings culminated eventually into “Tranny takes a trip”, the first part of the wider trip we can experience with “Pronounce This!”

Distancing itself from the debut record, “Pronounce This!” takes several elements that work well together, less doom but more psych, more blues, more synth and songs that evolve beyond what you’ve heard in the first few seconds.

The first trip with tranny takes us into deep consideration of the state of the world as we watch it collapse on its own idiocy with groovy and psychedelic riffs as the soundtrack. Ignorance and fear are spreading worse than Rick Sanchez’s Cronenbergs, we are all trapped in a system that has none of our interests at heart while society slowly but steadily plunges into a state where man lives in the gutter with no love for the sun and the peaceful ones have to arm themselves.

Who cares anyway? Life is “Just for Kicks” after all, and in this spirit the next trip begins as we throw all the cares away and drink ourselves to the point where not even Lucifer can give us a thrill anymore, where consequence is of no concern because nothing means anything. Damn relatable and well written lyrics laid down on a great tune that takes several awesome diferent directions from the first to the last second that shall forever live in my heart. Let’s face it, we only do this for the kicks, all of us.

Then “The Vampire Strikes Back” with more relatable delicious lyrics inside a riff sandwich that smells and tastes amazing. The vampire here is not an undead figure with pointy teeth that scares your children at night, oh no, much, much worse and real than that. The real vampire is anxiety created by the state of civilization, it sucks the life from you and leaves your brain withered with meaningless concerns. All this they tell us between haunting musical settings that rise and fall beautifully.

Then comes the largest and most profound trip. “Coal Mind” is 12:48 minutes of pure doom stoner, psych jizz in your ears. Starting with a heavy doom, it flows into a groovy 70’s horror psych, blues, stoner trip that goes on and on and oh yes! The lyrics are the guitar talking with your braincells and making them relax while the other instruments caress you softly.

At the five minute mark there is a break, then slowly, the haunting synths rise, the guitar joins in giving a new direction to the song, then the drums and bass bring rhythm, the guitar starts to psych it up and riffing wildly until it culminates back to the initial sound with a blast. Listen to this, just listen, words can only do so much.

Then comes the part no one was expecting. “So Gone, So Dead” is a country style song, they felt like doing a country song so they did, and they did the hell out of it. Sounds great, awesome lyrics that come out naturally with the song and that devilish haunting Salem’s Pot keyboard lingering behind it.

“Desire” comes next, starting with a rockabilly like riff that reeks of stoner and doom. This song is closer to “…Lurar ut dig på prärien”, stoner doom all the way, although it does carry a lot of the new elements from their new approach and it works great. Once again terrific lyrics to go with the sonic orgasm.

A sinister organ brings the song and the album to an end, leaving us thirsty for another listen, our ears hungry for those sweet riffs and sexy lyrics once more. With such potent evolution between the first and second record, I can only imagine what the future holds for Salem’s Pot and their work.


Text By J.P. Alves

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