Folkheim – Metalpoint

It’s been a really long time since I’ve seen a folk metal band live. However, this past Monday there was a black folk metal party at Metalpoint, a surprise metal shot right in the face. Chilean Band “Folkheim” came to our sexy country for the first time ever to lay some folk blackness on us and lay it they did.


They come from a town called Antofagasta, a name so black metal it made me think there were two bands playing, I only realised this after the show.


As usual, at the start of the show, people are stuck to the back of the room, I get it, there is beer back there, but once the beer was brought forward and the band gave some incentive, the people approached the stage, something that would never happen if they sucked because mercy and pity are not metal.


They played a very satisfying show, elements of black metal and folk thrown together in an ethnic Chile blender at varying degrees. The band’s stage presence was very nice, you wouldn’t think they were playing for a small crowd if you were focused on them alone (c’mon, it’s Monday, Mondays are slow, I’d say it was a damn fine crowd). Some brutal songs, some folky songs, some slow songs, Folkheim presented a little bit of everything in various doses, they even stopped to meditate in the middle of the show.


A special show for the band, being their first time around these parts and in Europe, it was also special for us too, a pleasant surprise on a Monday night, imagine the show they could have given on a Friday night.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Diogo A.

Photo Editing by Jinger

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