Invicta Metal Clash First Edition-Cave 45

This past Saturday, the first ever Invicta Metal Clash happened at Cave 45, five bands came down upon us to swirl the people and their brain jelly around.



Due to some shit ass delays, we only managed to reach the place in time to see the last song  of the first band “Sudden Death”, in a way it was ironic that I only saw them end suddenly after I showed up, can’t really say much, it looked nice, the folks there seemed to like it. That’s what happens when people borrow your car for a coffee without asking first if you’ll need it anytime soon, but I digress.


A siren announced the next band, the French “TankrusT” who came and laid down a whoop ass of death, thrash and hardcore power full of confidence and attitude. What is that? You guys are too shy to mosh? Don’t sweat it, the vocalist will get your bum behinds moving with his own hands. It was a nice show which promised that the night would be a good one. You know you nailed it when the organization is standing in front of the stage and tells you to keep playing.


Next came two headshots of delicious, local grown Death Metal. First “Cape Torment” hit us with their nice old school sounding Death Metal and awesome stage power, making heads spin all over the room and preventing bodies from being still. “Pestifer” followed with a more technical death metal and the same power and sweet stage attitude from before. I remember paying to see them at a bar called Spot a few years back but the sound on the first acts was so terrible we bailed, probably a bad move, “Pestifer” was most excellent as was “Cape Torment”.



Then the lights dimmed and the candles were lit for the shamanistic black doom ritual that followed with “Svlfvr” from Italy. Darkness enshrouded the atmosphere and the tunes slammed our heads hard but slowly as a man in a hood came from nowhere and started shouting, chanting and screeching with evil dripping from his throat.


A tremendous presence from the band, it was a visual and sonic spectacle, the shamanic magic that emanated from the music entranced the audience along with the smoke from candles and other nice substances that were floating around as well.


A memorable night once more at Cave 45 full of alcohol, smokes, metal, darkness and great company. The first of many clashes to come, Invicta clashes and more.

Text By J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca

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