Lusitanian Black Metal Ritual

Saturday night at Cave 45 was filled to the core with grim satanic darkness as the Lusitanian Black Metal Ritual took place.

If there is a god, he was trying very hard to make me quit and go home, the rain was pouring out of the sky at a ridiculously cartoonish rate, almost as if people were standing on rooftops throwing down bucket loads of water or aiming hoses at people.

I raised my middle finger towards the sky and all its failed deities and headed inside against all atmospherically apocalyptic odds. As I descended the stairs to the Black Metal altar, “Artnis” was playing to a substantial crowd, it was not what I expected though, the vocalist was nursing a bottle of wine by himself while the drummer and guitarist were both busy playing acoustic guitars. Not for long, they cranked up the Black Metal gauge and kick started the night.



Following them was the local corpse paint clad band “Sonneillon” who unleashed a merciless torrent of black metal upon an even more substantial crowd. In true black metal spirit, they sacrificed their vocalist to Satan in the middle of the show and got a new one to replace him who had more hair and a different haircut. I thought they had done the same with one of the guitar players, but more on that later. There was even some moshing near the end of the show and what a dark brutal show it was.



Afterwards was time to die a fiery horrible death to the sound of the tremendous black metal duo “Morte Incandescente”. Chilling hymns such as “Disturbio Absoluto”, “O Sol não nasce mais” (yeah, yeah, It’s from the latest album, not cvlt enough knowledge, too bad) and others, showed everyone the pure anti-people, pro-satan spirit of the genre in all its black and white, face painted glory. They played a song they hadn’t done live in some ten years and there was also some moshing and stage climbing, Nocturnus didn’t think it was funny though so he told them to knock it off and in a display of unadulterated respect, no more people went on stage.



The crowd yelled relentlessly for more fire and death but being nice isn’t trve or grim. It was still a great show from a great band, black metal at its purest and most satisfying, a part of the world dies every time they play.


Closing the Lusitanian Black Metal Ritual festivities came the Lusitanian warrior from overseas with his Lusitanian crew (I’m pretty sure it was Sonneillon, turns out no one sacrificed the guitar player). Two torches planted on stage lit up “Sardonic Witchery” and their depraved sonic ritual, you could feel the darkness in the room getting darker and the fire from the torches only served to help you realize this.



The vocalist, (the only actual member of the band) was an imposing figure, occult power oozed from his performance and the audience howled savagely in reverence. Misanthropy in music form engulfed the room as violence erupted, there was some damn proper moshing during their ritual show, I’m not entirely sure if the band was ok with this since the show seemed to end so suddenly, maybe the good satanic times were being so good that the time just flew by, that’s what I’m going with.


Delicious, burning, pagan darkness, shit got really dark and inhuman down there in Cave 45, if satan sees all, he was surely masturbating with a tear in his eye with pride for the Lusitanian Black Metal Masters that drained the light from the world that night, kvlt as fvck.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca


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