Porto Death Fest 2016

This past Sunday, Metalpoint hosted Porto Death Fest which showered everyone in death metal brutality. The second round of this new festival fulfilled expectations from the first to the last band.

It started right with a national band kicking our teeth in with their music, “Nihility”. I had been told by friends to go see this band before, now I know what a good Idea it would have been, what good advice it actually was. A sonic beating of relentless brutal death metal from one end of the show to the other while the crowd tossed themselves around like ragdolls, delicious, a tremendous kick off to a great fest.



Next up was the local band and the one returning from the previous edition, consisting of members from Biolence and Hugo himself(so you already know it’s gonna be good), “Unfleshed” played some more old school inspired death metal that left everyone foaming with satisfaction. Eventually during the show, someone pulled the pin on the mosh pit grenade and it didn’t stop until the music stopped. To make matters more aggressive, they played Suffocation’s “Infecting the Crypts”, they even played an extra song since the public was so horny about them.



Afterwards came “Mistweaver” from Spain with a more melodic and epic death metal style. The keyboarding was good to keep the ambient and atmosphere sombre but in spite of all these nice sounding epic melodies, they still blurted out some powerful death metal that made the public ask for more when they said goodbye.



To end the night with a brutal blast, Japanese old school band “Defiled” masters of brutal death came from nearly the other side of the world to put some brutal spice in our party mix.


With mind boggling speed, tremendously heavy guitars and intense vocals, they made the pit become truly alive and frenzied. They loved us and we loved them as we got louder for them throughout the show and they kept being even louder for us with their technical and merciless death metal.


Our firsts punched the air in their honour and we carelessly spilled our beers while saluting them. Before they were gone, they came back for two more songs due to the audience’s spirited and exited requests and shouts for more “Defiled”. Even though they did play two more songs after the first last song, the public still wouldn’t stop asking for more, this speaks volumes of the band, a massive death metal performance.


Probably one of the best ways to spend your lazy Sunday afternoons, Porto Death Fest was a blast, my dick is hard just thinking about the surprises it has in store for our ears and feeble bodies next year. Let’s hope it grows over time faster than said erections.

Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Vanessa Solari


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