Suprise Metal Shot 2 Metalpoint – Abaddon Incarnate

Last Thursday night we took another Suprise Metal Shot without blinking. Courtesy of Metalpoint and World Metal Domination, a bunch of people gathered around to witness the old school Irish grinders “Abaddon Incarnate”.


They have been around before, at the now deceased Caos Emergente fest, the one and only SWR Barroselas and just last year at Metal point as well. Yet this was my first time witnessing them live.


Mother of fucks, that was the definition of a metal shot! We got in there, a wall of destructive sonic power slammed us in the face and before we knew it, the show was over and our heads were ringing. “Abaddon Incarnate” were fucking amazing, the band has tremendous stage presence, the vocalist was rabid and intense, they all gave themselves to the show and it was a sight to behold.


The music that came out of those amps was just sheer aggression, delicious vibrations shook our bodies as we shook with the music, every song a brutal, fast, relentless tune that left you satisfied. Great drumming, great guitars, awesome bass and vocals and a stunning merciless attitude from their frontman who kept moving all over the place and among the crowd even with an injured arm. Later on in the show, the bass player joined him, playing with him eye to eye with the audience.


They did a Terrorizer cover, then the last song which made it feel really short, just like a shot. The band deserved a bigger audience with drunk motherfuckers falling over themselves and pushing each other all over the place, sadly this was not the case.


It didn’t matter much though, the band gave us all they had, a tremendous and memorable show I enjoyed front row with a beer and a joint (or three), I highly advise you to see these guys again, I know I’ll jump at another round of “Abaddon Incarnate” without a second thought.


For shame people, all of you who stayed home masturbating to weird porn instead of coming to see some incredible old school grindcore thrown at your face. A truly unforgettable night, much better than your weird porn ladies, you made the wrong decision if you are reading this and didn’t show up for the second round of our Surprise Metal Shot.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca

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