Aveiro Metal Clash 1st Edition – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report

After a long stretch of road, missing an exit on the highway and being totally lost, I finally found the mythical place for live shows near Aveiro, Hard Bar. Big burgers, big beers and a nice space with awesome framed paintings and pictures on the walls, great for some metal partying which is what took place during the first edition of Aveiro Metal Clash.


The party got started groovy, full of melody and knuckle sandwiches with “Punchdown”, a thrash, nu groove metal mix with a relentless and unyielding vocalist. Great attitude from the band, so great that it spilled a little on your leg. A party starter with a big kick.


Next up was “Grimlet”, an old school, straightforward death metal band who threw an excellent show our way. With some progressive and doom elements, they kept the party going and even had themselves an actual old school mosh pit, the kind where people randomly bump and smash into each other while going in every direction instead of (as the band put it) running after each other’s butts. They played a cover of Behemoth’s “Chant for Eschaton” and a few more powerful songs before they were threw.




Wrapping up a short sweet night came “Burn Damage” with a more modern and technical take on death metal and an even more intense, unrelenting attitude. Some moshing ensued and the music made everyone’s head unable to be still, my body danced by itself. The vocalist didn’t waste time between songs, launching immediately into the next ass ripping anthem without flinching or waiting for a crowd reaction, brutal as fuck.


After all the music, the crowd didn’t let them go anywhere before they played another one (literally) so the band was gladly forced by our love to play another, “Total Chaos” wrapped up the night with a bunch more violence and it was a sight to remember.



A small but fun party at Hard Bar (since it’s right in that place where the buses don’t run) but great things have small beginnings, let’s hope the next edition gets bigger and meaner, Hard Bar is great, the bands were great and being in the middle of nowhere can sometimes be a perk in your favour, this was one of those times.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca

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