Surprise Metal Shot 3- Positively Psyched Partyboy Report

Once more, another Surprise Metal Shot comes our way through World Metal Domination and Metalpoint. This time, for the first time ever in the history of the universe, the shot had two bands for us.


Since I was pumping alcohol in me and rolling shit, I got there a little late but managed to catch “Fallen Paradise” during their first song. It’s a good thing I did, some very nice experimental progressive doom death sounds came our way, moments of heaviness, calm and doom alike mixed well in their music. They didn’t even need a bass to make some good tunes and force our heads to rock back and forth. A good starting show.


Next up were the Greeks “Sunlight” with their classic Heavy Metal with hints of hard rock as well. They played a few covers including Whitesnake, Helloween’s “I want Out”, Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills” and others I can’t remember. They were pumped and energetic and actually got the crowd to sing along with them, a rare feat at Metalpoint, especially with a small audience. They also played some original songs like “Follow your Heart” and “Earthquake” which the people attending also enjoyed very much.


Overall, they excelled at their instruments and the vocalist could not only sing but project his voice in a most satisfying manner. This meant the cover songs they played were actually really fucking good. That last “Run to the Hills” cover made everyone not want to run anywhere and cry instead because it was the last song.



Although not a legion of rabid fans showed up, it was still a great party, no line to get beer, clear sight to the stage and plenty of room to spread your legs and enjoy the concert. Another satisfying metal shot down our throats and ears, more rounds for the future please.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca

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