Apostles of the Eternal Fire CAVE 45 Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


Why is it that every time black metal comes to town it rains like a motherfucker? Seems like the weather doesn’t want me to go anywhere. Well, the weather can suck a dick because Cave 45 had a very special party going on that night. It was also a very romantic time since from the first to the last band there were candles lit, I personally felt special as a member of the audience, live music by candlelight, very kvlt, especially because the candle holders were skulls, creepy weird looking non-human skulls.

The bands put out a ban on photography (at least they tried) meaning there won’t be pictures with this report. Haha! Now reading is all you got! Want to know what happened? Keep reading, I’m sure all those people who illegally took pictures did it blurrily anyway.

Starting with “OCERCO” a smooth black metal trio with a great atmosphere that built up their songs slowly and then exploded in your face with raw black metal. Great voice, rusty with fog and darkness, good musicianship and plenty of grim and frostbitten riffs both slow and fast, mostly nice and slow which made the fast parts an unexpected and highly welcome surprise.

Afterwards, the darkness got even grimmer, blacker and more frostbitten with the Spanish veterans “Balmog”, another black metal trio, this time faster more often but still with a lingering slow pace every once in a while, the vocalist used this to make people shiver with his echoing, corpse like voice. A very pleasing performance indeed, a performance I missed this year at SWR although a friend told me she fell in love with the vocalist, not saying I did too, but I get it.

With a great stage attitude and a good know how on spiking the audience, they played an intense, visually appealing and enticing show, every band member did his job properly and deliciously while the crowd hailed and shook their heads.

To end the night, “The Ominous Circle” played their very first show ever in the history of the world. If you betted someone shit wasn’t going to get any blacker and darker after “Balmog”, you just lost your money. If you were seeing anything else besides black on that stage, you were probably hallucinating. With an ominous chant, the band, clad in leather and hoods, rose to the stage and ignited a black, death, doom mixture for the first time.

Their facial hoods seemed to have features, making them look life possessed ghosts from hell. An extremely violent and speedy black, death metal show paired up with sombre chants and echoes of doom here and there. They left a dark atmosphere and stunned silence over the audience when they departed, a great first show that will be etched into the minds of every witness for eternity.

Once more, Cave 45 has provided us with a good show along with the bands, always making our lives a little darker with joy.


Text by J.P. Alves


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