Mos Generator – Ana Paris CAVE 45 Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


Last night was a good night to blaze some joints and let your body flow to some stoner music at Cave 45. Two bands came around to share the good times with us.

The party started with “Ana Paris” who played some nice, energetic psychedelic stoner rock that got people moving early in the evening. The vocalist had a bullhorn which he used sometimes instead of the mic to do some crazy effects, the guitar player also did this with turns of his knobs.

A charismatic yet humble attitude from the band and an excited audience mixed for a great starting show. The music had some delicious twists and turns going from soft jamming to a fast paced groovy rhythm, a band to see again.

The second band was “Mos Generator”, a 16 year old veteran stoner rock trio who gave us a hell of a good time with their blend of classic stoner infused with some doom elements from time to time. Each instrument was played beautifully and our heads went with the rhythm, that bass was wild, the guitar was tripping and the drums were on point.

They played old and new songs alike although I only remember the name of one “There’s no return from nowhere” which was a new song from Abyssinia, their latest work and with a kick ass name. All the weed floating around intertwined with the awesome tunes generated by those three made for a most excellent experience.

I’m not sure what Mos means, according to the urban dictionary it could be anything between Mutual Oral Sex and Metal-Oxide Semiconductor, whatever it is in this context, I’m fucking glad they came and generated some for us, a tremendous show indeed and one to remember.

Just so you can wrap your head around how awesome it was, they played two requests, when faced with the last song they asked us if we wanted a fast one or a slow one and the audience demanded both which the band delivered. When they were done with the last song that turned into two songs, the crowd still hungered for more music so they played a “Rush” cover to wrap up a great concert. This was also due to the boss at Cave 45 who allowed the band to keep going and drinking with us for a while.

Once more, good times are abound at Cave 45, always with great bands and in great company, with beer and drugs and rock’n roll, not sex because society isn’t there yet.


Text by J.P Alves

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