Today I woke up with probably the worst whiplash of my life. That pretty much sums up last night. I suffered some kind of spiritual concussion, after those two gig. Let’s see it in a perspective of getting laid, it goes something like this… “Killimanjaro” did the foreplay in a smooth, but wild way. Their energy and soul poured into the gig got my mind hard as a gorilla in a zoo, when it sees some big black, hairy booty.


Probably if the foreplay had sucked, the climax wouldn’t be much better, but you bet the foreplay was lit my nigga (that’s right, we can say nigga because you don’t know if we’re black).


After the awesome foreplay that “Killimanjaro” offered us, we took a break, just like that little pause you take to put the rubber Armor on your Wang. We lit a joint to open our mind for what was about to cum next, since I’ve heard these guys back home, I know that when they cum, they cum hard, fast and louder than the Incredible Hulk on steroids!



They started doing their thing although the crowd was slightly tense and shy at the beginning. As “Oozing Wound” was tearing my mind like an open wound, putting their finger and digging around like it was a clitoris (everyone knows it’s fundamental, to work on the clitoris), the crowd became excited as well, and the show was started to get raunchy at every song they played. From fast and energetic to slow and head crushing heavy songs, Oozing Wound can take you to a wild spiritual climax better than Dalai Lama.



We highly recommend you to check these guys out, new album called “Whatever Forever”, feed it to your ears and you will know what we’re talking about, but we all know, that watching porn is very different than having sex, so if you really want to have a wild spiritual concussion just go see them live, and prepare yourself for ear rape.

Text and Photos by Diogo A.

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