Weird shit transpired this Thursday at CAVE 45. “ZU” an Italian trio consisting of a bass player, a drummer and a saxophonist, gave us a wild, frenetic show we’ll never forget. It started with dimmed lights and an ominous hum filling the room.

When the three of them went up on stage, an insane cacophony exploded in our faces. The music was heavy, bordering on orchestral at times if the conductor of said orchestra was on acid, cocaine and red bull. Their insane erratic rhythms and strange patterns tickled our brains and defied reality.

Moments of power and filled with energy were punctuated at times by slower, relaxed yet utterly demented passages. The band had a great stage attitude and chemistry with each other, between songs as well as in random moments of unexpected silence within songs, burst of cheers and excited screams were heard from the audience.

I had never seen someone do things like that with a bass, nor have I seen anyone do things like that with a saxophone, the drummer was damn good as well, though I have heard plenty of awesome drumming to match it, still amazing.

A single concert but one that will stay engraved in the minds of anyone who attended, insanity in jazz and metal form, “ZU” have a tremendous presence that CAVE 45 won’t ever forget.


Text by J.P. Alves

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