A few weeks ago, one of our favourite holes in the wall had a birthday. Metalpoint turned 9 years old and this occasion could not go by without a proper party, a party to which I got to already fuelled with one litre of beer, vodka and other assorted things to smoke.

Because at Metalpoint we don’t believe in anal lube, the night started violently fast, slammy and to the point with “Analepsy’s” brutal death metal right up in your face. The room was already packed with necks going back and forth but as the show progressed, it got even better. Plenty of good old songs, a new song from the album they are releasing next year and a Pathology cover left everyone satisfied and ready to party some more. It’s probably the fourth or third time I’ve reported one of their shows and it is always a pleasure.

It was such a pleasure that most people around thought “Analepsy” was the last band playing, we were wrong, very wrong. While we were off drinking some more “Hunted Scriptum” played, from what my responsible and sober friends told me, it was pretty good. The halls were empty so I’m guessing this was true, sounded like it in the distance as well.

We also thought “Destroyers of All” had played before “Analepsy”, wrong again. This time though, I went inside for a beer and saw some of the show, the house was packed as before, making it harder to see the stage but not the people enjoying themselves. The celebrations went on, violent and relentless. They quit being violent and relentless because a guy from the audience wanted to ask his bae to marry him, he did and she said yes, best of luck with that.

What, you think I’m joking with this?:

That should satisfy your curiosity. Anyway, the party was on again, swirling with heads and bodies.

The next time I went inside there was cake and champagne, that’s right, free cake and booze with bubbles for everyone. The champagne went down nicely and the cake was fucking delicious.

We hope we’re still here when Metalpoint turns 20 and is thusly at drinking age. As always, a great party at one of our favourite spots, a spot that is now 9 years old and keeps supporting the underground scene in this country and many more.

Text by J.P. Alves

Video by Ruben Marques (don’t sue us)

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