Headbang Before Xmas – Metalpoint – POSITIVELY PSYCHED PARTYBOY REPORT

A few weeks ago, Bulldozer on Stage threw a nice little Christmas party that would get Santa totally wasted. I saw the craziest guy on stage… That would be the vocalist of “Stucker“. You might think that it’s a guy drinking beer with a hat saying “Thrash” on it, and you would be right. Before Stucker, played “Buzzocracy” with death induced black metal stuff on their blood. I personally don’t know what that is, but they have it and they have it good! Man get me some of that, it goes well with the booze.


After some bottles of “Buzzocracy”, went Stucker. A thrash in the face band, whom the vocalist had the balls to send the zombie crowd to CARALHO! Some crowds need that to get a little loose. I didn’t get it either, why there was no mosh, the thrash was angry, fast and loud!


Next we had “M.O.R.G.”, four guys who know how to handle it, from the fancy guitars to Thor like vocal melodies “MO.R.G.” gave us a brutal cake with cherries on top, adding a spicy touch to the metal Banquet of the night.



Now it’s time for the headliner.  I didn’t say anything about it yet, because I didn’t knew anything about them before they hit the stage. And shit! You know when a Spanish bull breaks a hole through your skull? “Agonica” teaches you that with their heavy tunes, heavier than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s lift weights!



From a Phil Anselmo looking vocalist to their headblowing riffs, some of them kinda resembled Pantera (maybe the vocalist helps…) had my neck crying for mercy. I havent heard Angonica yet, after that concert… i think my brain developed some kinda of trauma for it.


A great way to get into some brutal christmas spirit before you have to hear all those agonizing christmas carols at the mall for the rest of the month, big thanks to Bulldozer on Stage. Dick didn’t make it to the show, he was busy getting angry at a bunch of other stuff.


Diogo A.

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