Since partying hard is never enough, nor too much, World Metal Domination brought us a Saturday event to remember. Starting with a football game between bands for a bottle of whiskey at three in the afternoon while it was raining and most people couldn’t attend because they were hung to the over from Friday night.

Great start right? I certainly hope it was, sadly I was in the hungover category that didn’t attend the game, here is a short recap for you though:

So hungover in fact that we only arrived after the first band, the ridiculous amount of traffic around town was also to blame, but ultimately we are to blame. Sorry “Ghastly Town” guys, we fuck up like this sometimes but at no point in history did we claim to be perfect or professional, which isn’t necessarily not true either.


Anyway, we got there when “Buzzocracy” was playing their blend of death and progressive metal, I recognized some of the band members from “Fallen Paradise”. The show was nice, the considerable crowd was excited and the band was giving it to them good, the last song had a wild sudden mosh pit.



Next was happy times with “Happy Farm” and their trademark agricultural death metal full of groovy catchy rhythms. Great stage presence from the band as always, especially the vocalist and as always, an incredibly shy drummer who drums like a machine.



They played timeless classics songs about horse kicks to the face, piggies, barns, farm orgies and then they played the song “Happy Animals” in which a mosh pit broke out, someone dragged me into it and I lost my beer, I was also thrown on top of someone else’s beer, such sacrilege, that’s life, no point in raging over spilled beer though, not like this.


Afterwards came “Terror Empire” who spread musical terror with their aggressive music and attitude. A band full of energy that kept heads spinning and bodies slamming. The party was tight and proper.




I noticed halfway through their show, this blonde girl with a long red coat came in, she looked completely out of place, like someone entering a room for the first time. Her reaction when she saw all those drunken bastards explode into a crazy mosh pit was utterly priceless, it’s the little things in life.

A great show, a great party with great company that lasted until around 5 am with DJ Orca and English Mike. Too bad that the cheap beer ran out early but the party went on as long as the night.

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Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca

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