Just Pig it! Happy Farm CD Release Party Metalpoint – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


Almost two years after I witnessed the first ever “Happy Farm” show at Cave 45, they finally unleashed their first full length work, “Just Pig it” on the first weekend of 2017 at the one and only Metalpoint.

The Future bacons were already fired up and ready to cook our asses with Death grind, but before that, some appetizers were in order. Fortunately every show was as delicious as bacon wrapped tities.


Sudden Death” started the party and unlike the last time I reported them, I saw nearly half of the show instead of just the end and they started it good. The premises were already packed with drunks, there was some intense random moshing at the end and the crowd cheered heavily for them, a good kick start for a proper party.


Next came yet another band DOD has reported before, “Grimlet”. The show was very similar to what I witnessed the last time, but since they kicked ass the last time, that’s a good thing. There was one main difference, the crowd was wild, numerous and throwing each other all over the place, what a sight. It also went really well with “Grimlet’s” classic death metal.



Once more, they covered Behemoth’s “Chant for ΕΣΧΗΑΤΟΝ”, played some more songs that made the audience horny, then they split.

Now was time for the pigs to be let out of the sty and give us a great fucking time. “Happy Farm” came out of the barn to show everyone how awesome their new CD is, the vocalist was drunk as hell and had been since before dinner which made for an extremely charismatic and partially inarticulate stage presence, but this is nothing new to the band.


He spiked the mosh pit, played the drums with his hands (since the drummer is always such a lazy bum asshole) and thanked everyone a lot. Awesome farm themed songs such as “Horse Smile”, “Cabra Gostosa”, “Barbecue” and that one slow song that I don’t remember the name but is always great to dance slow and close to your dearest piggys.



By the end, the audience forced them to play more songs because of our love for them, since they didn’t had any more, they repeated “Happy Animals”, the one with the sexy goat and another one that I don’t remember because it was the last song of the last band and everyone including me was completely drunk and stoned.


A mighty party indeed, straight out of the barn and into our hearts, “Just pig it” kicked off 2017 the way it should. Sadly, our team is here doing this report while all the hung over bastards from last night are heading to Mangualde. The party doesn’t stop, especially in farm country.


Text by J.P. Alves15658083_1492221754140310_1120451853_o

Photos by Orca

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