Weaksaw – Metalpoint – Positively Psyched Partyboy


After getting our asses royally served the previous night, we headed to Metalpoint for a Metal filled Saturday night. We could not think of better plans even if they involved our dicks getting sucked.



Starting the party were these guys called “The Gravediggers” which played what sounded like stoned death metal to me. It kind of sounded like death metal, but then it had some stoner sounds thrown in, as well as a hint of melo-death. The crowd was quite considerable and their heads swayed back and forth pleasantly to the rhythm.



Afterwards, a personal emergency called me away and I missed the second band. Apologies to “Don’t Fall Asleep”, Hugh told me about your show but I am pretty sure you don’t want me to write what he said in here. Because he’s a dick.



Next came “Forbidden to Fly” featuring the same shy and amazing drummer of such bands like “Happy Farm”, “Putrid Pile” and “Carnifloor”. The crowd loved them and they threw quite an enthusiastic and energetic show. It was remarkable that they showed up at all given all the step backs they had, so kudos to them.




Sotz” were up next with their modern sounding Death Metal and wildly excited vocalist. The crowd went crazy for the band as the band went crazy for them, pits opened up, people flew around, more footprints and hand marks were left on the ceiling and I drank beer and smoked weed while I enjoyed watching this shit happen.





Lastly came the main event, the French “Weaksaw”. You might be thinking to yourself that Weaksaw is a lame band name and not metal, you are wrong. If you try to kill someone with a weak saw, it will take forever and hurt like hell, the sad bastard will probably be done dying of blood loss before you reach the bone and that is totally metal!



Regardless of that, their show was an intense spectacle with groovy technical metal being thrown at us. The crowd went completely nuts and unleashed their inner beasts for all to see and feel as they tossed themselves around like salad. The band was also bursting with energy and had an immense stage presence that was nice to witness.


It’s always nice to spend a Saturday night on Metalpoint, this time was no exception. Varied and satisfying shows, great company, beer, weed, nothing was missing.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Barbieri Photography


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