The first Surprise Metal Shot of 2017 came and went this Wednesday, leaving a very nice French taste in my mouth. The first Surprise Metal Shot was alright, the second was amazing, the third one was…well, ask Dick.


The fourth one, thank the gods of hell, was AMAZING! “Neige Morte” from Lyon, came out of the darkest, weirdest pits from the most distant and forgotten regions of the abyss to delve our innocent minds into a most unique and satisfying black metal experiment.


This dark and frenetic trip began slowly with “Tout Sonne Faux”, the sound of the instruments crept calculatedly up our spines, inside our ears, tearing all concepts of sanity and existence in half.

That is until the music got much faster, then the halfs of your torn sanity were completely shredded by the mind boggling ability to play music that those three French dudes were displaying.


Bursts of violent and insane sounding black metal mingled frenetically with sombre and calm moments that resembled something closer to doom, the band showed the audience that they knew exactly what they were doing, the voice, the bass, the drums, the guitar, all together this made for an incredible live experience that was massively pleasurable to behold.

The songs weren’t small but they went by so quickly and deliciously, as the last song was peaking I was completely numb with awe at what was coming out of those speakers, at what I was seeing happening there. Then suddenly, silence.


The show was over, the crowd cheered and the band thanked us. What? I turned to my friend and she was as dumbfounded as I was so I leaned in to say. “They could play another!”

Her response was “Fuck yeah, they should play another!” We yelled at them to play more by yelling Encore with a bad French accent, their French black metal hearts melted with our love so they sent another torrent of brain raping black metal evil experiments towards us and we happily took it in the face.


Once more, the Surprise Metal Shot is a drunken blur of awesome music that makes me grin continuously throughout the show. A Fine show indeed, thanks to World Metal Domination and Metalpoint. I can hardly wait for the next round.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Orca15658083_1492221754140310_1120451853_o

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