This Saturday, the fourth Feed Me Fest took place at Metalpoint. If you know what it is, you can skip this part, if you don’t, it’s a show organized by Bulldozer on Stage for animal shelters, instead of paying money to get in, you give them at least two kgs of dog or cat food and they let you inside.

Since people love puppies and kitties so much, this (I am told) is an event that gets seriously packed with people that don’t regularly show up. Who cares though? More people to get drunk, stoned and more people to slip on the floor beer and face plant themselves.

It took me a while to realize that the shows had already started! We were sitting outside and we kept listening familiar songs like the Dragonball and Mortal Kombat themes. I thought “this can’t be the show, the show is going to be music I don’t know right? Right?” Wrong! Turns out, the first band “The Beheaded” was actually one guy dressed in a denin vest and wearing a Jason Vorhees mask solo covering popular songs like Kalashnikov’s “Peace is Dead” and a bunch of other shit I don’t remember because I was outside thinking I was hearing background music.


I missed most of the show because of this, but the one man serial covering machine gave a tremendous performance that herald the already considerable audience to ask for some more at least twice, which we got.

Next was a band we saw a while ago “The Gravediggers”. Apparently the first time we did a report on these guys, it was their first day on the job. They have since gotten better and more confident with their sort of stoner death metal. At some point the vocalist announced the next song would require a circle pit and shit exploded, people flying everywhere, it was great. This infection of partying infected the next songs they played and violence took over the crowd until the end.


After came “The Small Hours” using their charisma to keep the audience horny with excitement and movement. They threw a blend of groove and thrash to the people and all the drunks proceeded to smear this on their hypothetical tities.


Up next where the pigs, “Happy Farm” we have reported on their shows multiples times, if you follow our stuff you probably know of them. Naturally we were psyched for their show, we were even more psyched when this turned into the best “Happy Farm” show we have witnessed. What we concluded from this is, Happy Farm cannot open a show, they need to play when people are already drunk and their classy, self-conscious, social impediments are drowned in booze and weed, allowing them to free themselves from the idea that this is ridiculous and making them realize that they will never be as Happy in their pathetic routine existence as they are when dancing, flying and eating the floor while they hear such amazing classics as “Happy Animals” and “Barbecue”…two things that sound beautifully ironic together.


Finishing the party came the band “Motim” which showed that most people got too drunk and left to lay down on a ditch or next to a toilet However, those who stayed, which were themselves considerable, were tearing shit up. There were no more standards left when these guys hit the stage, “Happy Farm” had already beaten the public’s sense of social awkwardness and “Motim” buried it nicely. Drunks were running around, picking themselves up, doing ballroom dancing while others moshed around them. It was good, beside, the people who left were the ones who just lean against the back of the venue as hard and as far as they can, so the party was not shaken by this loss of meatbags.


It really seemed like everyone in the pit was at the same time an anarchist and the police and they just randomly wailed on or danced with each other.

I wonder why the dogs dind’t come to the show, it would have been something else. Maybe next year.


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos Sílvia Micaelo


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