Vagos Metal Fest is oozing with quality bands only on their second edition. I don’t know how they got the money to do this, how many dicks got sucked, how many butts were offered, the facts is, the bill to the festival is quite stunning. So stunning that it wasn’t enough for them to have a Festival in August. That shit is for noobs.

Anyway, in order to show how much business they mean, the good people of Vagos Metal Fest (not to be confused with VOA, the original festival which moved to the capital for r€ason$ unknown) decided that it would be better for everyone if other major cities in the country got their own warm up party featuring old school legends of European Death Metal, starting with the return to Porto of Swedish Death Metal connoisseurs “Entombed A.D.”

But let’s start at the beginning. Opening for the swedes came “Toxik Attack”, a local thrash metal band that knows how to do a proper show with proper charisma. We got there halfway through their show, there was a two man mosh pit going on, literally two guys moshing with themselves, picking themselves up, falling down and doing it again, giving absolute zero shits for all the judgemental, buzzkill people standing still all night and laughing internally at them.

The two guys, along with many headbangers, made the band feel welcome and warmed up the place nicely for what came next.

This was my third time seeing “Entombed” live (wait, don’t sue me yet). The first time I saw them was on the other room at Hard Club back in 2011, they were actually called “Entombed” at the time so don’t sue us for saying that name.

I saw them again two years ago at the one and only SWR Barroselas Metalfest when the festival turned 18, they were already going under the moniker “Entombed A.D.” but I remember an incredible show.

Having seen “Entombed” twice already, I felt I wasn’t going to be very surprised with the show, but I love the songs, so it would still be nice.

I was very pleasantly surprised when they used “Abyss” from John Carpenter’s Lost Themes as the intro to the show, we don’t get synth shows in the ass of Europe very often so that was a first for me and a welcome one.

They launched the show with “Midas In reverse” and the head banging started! Although the mosh pits didn’t come right away, they arrived in style and endured throughout the show. If you expect to see an old school Swedish death metal show without mosh pits, you’re just silly.

Some people actually thought they weren’t going to play old songs, only songs of the “Entombed A.D.” albums. That would be even sillier, everyone would demand their money back and flip them off. But there was no reason to worry, Petrov has been in the band for decades, he knows how horny people get when you play old school “Entombed”, not doing this would be crazy.

“Eyemaster”, “Stranger Aeons”, ”Chief Rebel Angel”, “Living Dead”, “Revel In Flesh”,”Eye for an Eye”, “Out of Hand”, “Wolverine Blues” and “Left Hand Path” were some of the classics they threw our way, top notch material for having the tremendous neck pains I feel right now, totally worth it for the third time. I still hope to one day see them play “Carnal Leftovers” and “But life goes on”, so I might go see Entombed again one day, it’s always a blast, a very memorable blast.

They also played some nice new “Entombed A.D.” songs such as “Dead Dawn” and “Second to None”, but mostly they played the classics that everyone loves. There wasn’t any real difference between the old and the new if you looked at the audience, everyone was ejaculating to the sound, banging heads, flying people, random guys going up on stage because head banging next to the band is more metal than in the pit, all sorts of good fun.

It was a close and friendly show, it wasn’t too crowded to move your ass and your head to the death’n’roll coming at you as both audience and artist enjoyed themselves freely and with plenty of beer.

I certainly feel warmed up to go back to Vagos Metal Fest now, somebody sign us up.

Text by J.P Alves 15658083_1492221754140310_1120451853_o


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