Contradiction – Dementia 13 – Soul Doubt – Metalpoint – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


Some nights are pretty good, some nights are just okay and other nights are amazing. But once in a while, there is a party of the most epic and ridiculous proportions, so legendary that we develop boners just writing about it.


It was on the third of March, 2017, that three bands descended onto Metalpoint to tear everybody a new asshole, every single show that night ripped as hard as it was possible for our human brains to conceive.

The party was ignited by the local thrash band “Soul Doubt” which was already playing when we got there, we felt devastated thinking it was their last song, turns out it was the first, we got some beers and enjoyed the ambience.


The house was packed already but as usual, people were barely moving, still shy and not drunk enough, or saving their energies for the other bands. Fortunately, after the first two or three songs, the vocalist (who also looks and sounds like a guy who is going to steal your wallet and stick a knife up your dick hole) called everyone a bunch of lazy fags and pretended like he was falling asleep looking at our sorry, socially conscious asses.


The first song they played after this completely exploded the audience with ridiculous proportions, we’re talking circle pits that happen in big festivals, the fucking pit took up way more than half the room available on the venue and it was spinning so fast that people just looked blurry, although that might have been the wine, the beer or the vodka.


This is something extremely impressive to happen, not only did they get people violently off their asses really fast, this massive and beautiful pit lasted the whole show. It’s what I keep telling people, if you want your concerts and festivals to have a great, smooth, fist fucking start, “Soul Doubt” is for you. We thought we’d gotten there too late to enjoy it but instead we saw the best “Soul Doubt” show of our lives.


That was just the first show and our faces were already melted with delight. Next up, contrary to popular belief and what it looked like on the bill, the German thrash masters “Contradiction” graced us with their delicious Teutonic aggression. I remember seeing these guys a shitload of years ago at this very spot. I remember it being a very nice show and getting my memory refreshed was amazing.


Just as before, the pits were going wild, people flying, people falling, people going around really fast and colliding with other people also going really fast, what a sight. The band had tremendous stage presence as well as skills with the instruments which they combined to make everyone ejaculate for the duration of the show.


We’re glad they came back, we will be very glad when they return to give us another proper show like that.



Lastly and for the last time, came the death metal super ensemble “Dementia 13” which features awesome members from awesome bands such as “Pitch Black”, “Biolence” and the legendary “Holocausto Cannibal”. Together they tossed at us some amazing and utterly scrumptious old school death metal scrapped from old horror and gore low budget flicks from way back.



Needless to say the party had no brakes, no obstacles and no sign of slowing down, mosh pits and madness from start to finish as is expected from this band. The last time I saw them was a while ago with a different vocalist, back in 2013 or some shit.


Anyway, the one they have now is great, he gets the job done, he knows how to tickle people into starting some proper violence and seeing it happen was fucking good. We were already very drunk, as was everyone else, this contributed for the rediculous amounts of partying flying all over the place in the form of people. It also contributed for us to believe thay played some covers but we’re not sure. I remember them covering some death metal classics before so we might be right.


An amazing and memorable night in which we said goodbye to “Dementia 13”, welcome back to “Contradiction” and asked “Soul Doubt” to calls us back anytime because last night was unforgetable.


Text By J.P Alves

Photos by Marta Carvalhal


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