The world of heavy music has been pumping out bands since the late sixties, some of these bands had tremendous success and impact through the years and they have aged smoothly like that wine you really like.

Others are has-beens, touring constantly and refusing to die even as they sag and go on stage for a poorly executed attempt at playing their old classics with the same magic as they used to back in the day. But we will leave that for the dicks of the world.

Right now we are focusing on bands from as close as the early nineties and as far as the early seventies who are still kicking your ass with every chance and leaving your body broken with joy. Bands that have become die hard veterans instead of broken shells of their former glory (some cases with different circumstances). Just like this top, these bands can still crank it up to eleven.



German Teutonic Thrash Metal in all its original orgasmic greatness is still kicking very much. Here is a reminder just in case you forgot that Sodom is Top Dog. The god Lemmy may have died but his spirit lives on in Tom Angelripper. These guys are still bombing our faces off in the studio and on stage with as much ferocity as they did in the 80’s, just look at that sexy cover art.



Bobby Liebling doesn’t die, he just seems to get more naturally corpse looking and good at what he does. Although Pentagram (once Macabre, then Death Row) were deep underground in the music scene for years, today they are recognized as the legends of Doom Metal that they truly are. As if that wasn’t enough, they have been throwing some amazing live shows lately (which we have confirmed twice) and their latest work “Curious Volume”, is exactly what you would expect from the legend.



Uncle Al also doesn’t die, instead he throws more music in your face, always injected with those industrial junkie energies that explode your brain with a sonic overdose. You may or not like the latest works of the band since they got back out there in 2012 but it sounds just like Ministry. We haven’t seen these guys yet but we hope to do it before Jourgensen dies of an actual overdose from drugs.


Iron Maiden

In spite of all the recent shit that flew in their face, Iron Maiden remain strong and making people horny with their theatrical live performances and endless stream of new albums. Some might argue that their new material is generic, bland and unnecessary, good for you! Anyway, after so many years, they still have the same vitality and spirit that made them legends in the 80’s and that is fucking impressive.


Entombed (Entombed A.D.)

Not even name changes can stop the Swedish death n’ roll machine that is Entombed since the nineties. They used to be called Nihilist and even in that brief period, they left a mark on the face of death metal that turned into a sexy battle scar, perfect to attract mates. Decades later and with a divide among them, Entombed A.D. still know how to break your neck with their music, be it in person or through recordings.



No one ever said your legs need to work for you to be on a stage during a death metal show. Tell that to the guy with no arms in this video. But I digress, being herald by many as the granddaddies of Death Metal, “Possessed” made two albums in total. That’s it, they are still touring and shredding major ass live even though new material hasn’t been done since the 80’s.



If you think two albums is a very short career, these grind pioneers did one album in 89 which became one of the fastest and most extreme works in extreme metal history. That Horrified face will be burned in the back of your head forever after you let this album rape your ass.

This is another band on the list that is still kicking in the live performance category, sadly for us, the opportunity has not risen yet for a live report, but we dream of a Horrified Christmas.

(Schirenc Plays) Pungent Stench

This one is a special case. Although officially this band is dead and buried, front man Martin Schirenc is still going around shoving “Pungent Stench” classics down our throats and we are happy to receive the load. Their show, under the Moniker “Schirenc Plays Pungent Stench” was easily among the best of Barroselas in 2014 and Schirenc has claimed that unfinished work is available and plans to release it soon. We eagerly await.

Paradise Lost

Another band we have failed to see live numerous times. Although these guys had an electro goth phase somewhere in the middle of their careers, they have gotten into amazing shape in recent years, pumping out amazing album after amazing album since 2005 (although that is open for discussion). They have gotten very doomy without losing that special Paradise Lost touch that brings a contemplative tear to your eye. Their career is going well these days, not bad for genre pioneering guys from the late eighties.


The Melvins

It would be impossible to write this top without mentioning the gods of keeping careers going well and smooth for years, seriously, they have a manual for it right here. The Melvins have been laying albums, sometimes weird albums with music you don’t understand since the early 80’s, they have never broken up, never had any major problems with their career and people still love them today.



Once upon a time, a German guy told me about his experiences at Obscene Extreme, he said “last year I saw 69 bands, but I only remember Obituary”. That alone should tell you how much ass these Death Metal pioneers are still raping with their music, both live and in the studio. Sadly, this is a band we have missed live a lot, a shameful reality, but when it happens, you will hear about it.


If you have different opinions on bands that still got it, share them in the comments, these choices are very subjective to our drunken and stoned staff.


Text by Drunken and Stoned Staff15658083_1492221754140310_1120451853_o

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