Last Friday we went to Cave 45 to experience some doom and got there so early, it seemed like no one was showing up. Things were looking sad and depressive but after a while, people started to amass downstairs as the first band played.


The first band “Son of Cain”, was a stoner rock duo that was extremely unexpected for a few reasons. Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured “Nocturnus Horrendus” singing stoner with a clean voice (which kind of sounded like a rough ICS Vortex), the same guy from “Corpus Christii” and “Morte Incandescente”, the latter one having a spot on our national best of 2016. In this age of people with sticks very far up the ass, it’s good to see a big black metal influence doing other shit and doing it right.


They started shy with a half filled house but as the show progressed, the audience reacted positively to their awesome tunes and the ambience became a lot more cheerful and groovy. We promise this had nothing to do with the beer, the show was great in every aspect by itself, the duo delivered some delicious stoner to our faces, bewitching our hands into rolling more joints.

Closing the show came a band that I’ve heard a lot about, seen their name all over the place, but never heard or saw their music being played, “Dawnrider“. Apparently they haven’t played for a while and they never played in Porto with a keyboardist (who fingered that keyboard like it was wet pussy close to orgasming) nor with the new vocalist.


Their music was a blend of stoner rock with some doom infused every now and then, the dazed crowd smoked on and their heads and bodies moved to the sonic experience. I particularly enjoyed the song “Evil Deeds”, the rest was also filled with that classic doom stoner sound we love and pork to.

A short, sweet and quite pleasant evening. As usual, Cave 45 does not disappoint us, our love for them is unconditional and not in any way influenced by alcohol.


Text by J.P. Alves

Diogo A.



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