Iberian True Black Metal Fest – Metalpoint – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


17218289_1419532088119750_131759404305161980_oThis past Saturday, darkness in its truest form took over Metalpoint and the Iberian True Black Metal Fest happened. We got distracted with booze and missed the first band “Espectro”, even worse, we were totally psyched to see this band, our friends said it was gonna be amazing but we got there too late.

Too late but just in time to see “Beastanger” spread their buttery satanic darkness all over our perverted demon loafs. Not much to add to the show besides what has already been said, plenty of evil, plenty of beasts, plenty of anger and plenty of clawing at the air. The main diference was, this time they brought an old vocalist to help out with a song.

After that came another band previously reported by us with extreme pleasure. The Spannish trio “Balmog” brought their luciferian flags, ritual candles complete with skulls and treated everyone to a satanic, romantic, candlelight black metal dinner. With tremendous stage presence and a relentless attitude, they pierced a hole in our brains and filled it with the anguished screams of the damned, so hot. Always worth seeing these guys.

The Spanish trios of satanic destruction continued to poor upon us some black and intense music, this time with another trio called “Hate Legions”. Their appearance and charisma reminded me of the uruk hai armys from lord of the rings and the music (which combined perfectly) made it sound like they were winning.

You could picture every sparkly elf and hobbit in middle earth being cooked alive and eaten by ravenous orcs while the “Hate Legions” play and you know the hobbit and elf screaming is only going to add to the hateful beauty of the music.

To end the darkness came the last Spanish band, “Lóstregos” with some pagan black metal that had no signs of slowing down. By this point, the alcohol and weed intake was already substantial so this part of the night got slightly blurry.

The four hooded Spaniards delivered some very satisfactory black metal infused with sombre pagan melodies which compelled us to smoke more weed, even though there was no end in sight to the blast beats.

After that, shit got really blurry but since there were no more bands, you don’t need to know what happened. Just know that you really missed out on some seriously trve and badass black metal on that night.


Text by J.P. Alves



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