Rituais da Trituração -Grog’s”Ablutionary Rituals” Live Release


Last week was the presentation of the new full-length album of the portuguese grind kings “Grog“. The venue, Le Baron Rouge, had a nice but quite homo hollywood studio look with even the unleveled sign at the entrance, atleast there were star wars stickers at the bar and a street fighter arcade machine.

The party openers were “Trepid Elucidation” that delivered a mindblowing gig with each member trully mastering their instruments into tech death metal perfection, even the health of the frontman and vocalist wasnt at its peak but he pushed through and certainly pleased the crowd with every growl.


It was about halfway through their set that I realised having another guy in the crowd with an even bigger vape than mine made me feel like i wasnt the biggest asshole in the room, which for me is surely a first. I talked to the vocalist at the end of the concert and he said they had to cut the set shorter due to him having issues with his voice but it didnt seem like he was doing bad at all.


Then came the ass beating band of the night “Simbiose“. The crowd was particularly lazy this night so there was not much ass beating but the performance of the band absolutely deserved even the slightest hint of moshing, maybe even some blood but portuguese fans only mosh for the big dogs (a bunch of pussies and wannabes I say!).


Unfortunately this turned the gig extremely boring for me despite the band doing a good job and I ended up just going out of the venue to have a joint. (Fucking southerners, check this.)



The stars of the night were ready to present their new album, they delivered with guts and raw power, definitely an amazing gig where only 2 people were trully moshing and one of those was me.


They did mock the crowd for “having their feet glued to the floor” and acting like black metal fans with their arms crossed and headbanging like my fat ex used to suck dick… which means very poorly… this crowd absolutely didnt act like true death metal fans but the few of us were having a blast and loved every second of it.





Ablutionary Rituals sounded like a fine addition to the extensive works release by Grog and didnt disappoint like most bands do nowadays, even when they had to switch bass guitars were fun because they constantly mocked the crowd for acting like an old lady who just did anal with Brock Lesnar.

The night could have been far better if the crowd was more into it, the music was damn fine but the ambient was absolutely shit. The good side is that none of this was the bands fault.

Text by Angry and Hateful Reviews

Photos by Igor Ferreira 


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