Bong – Rivoli – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report



Back in 2015, there was a lot of hype for a British band on the main stage of SWR. That band was “Bong”, we heard there were a lot of bongs in the audience, a lot of smoke and that it was great, we wouldn’t know, we missed it.

Fortunately for us, raising legend’s event at Rivoli a while back seems to be taking effect and for the first time ever, a foreign and notorious metal act came to the ancient prestigious venue to make us feel their mighty doom. Props to Understage and Lovers & Lollypops for putting out this rare event.

The concert hall was the best, a dark room filled with smoke and several pillars which gave by itself a tremendous atmosphere. It was also a standing up room, a good improvement for aggressive bands, not very relevant for a band like “Bong” but it was a nice upgrade that would prevent sitting your ass in gum.

Bong” were great, the show felt like a beating heart pulsing with doom as the music vibrated the audience with heavy slow tunes. It was weird that smoking wasn’t allowed, we get it, it’s not a hovel of scum and debauchery, it’s a prestigious theater but come on, watching a doom stoner band called “Bong” without weed being passed around is just not the same.

Still a great show, a massive display of doom in a perfect environment where the lighting and sound mingled together in droning harmony. We’re glad to see that the established and official top dogs of entertainment venues are starting to realize that heavy metal music is not bringing the end of the world, nor are its enthusiasts going to burn everything to the ground and offer drugs to the children.

Keep it up, you have our total support, how about some filthy goregrind in that same room next time? That would be lit, the pillars looked like they could take a few sweaty fat guys dressed like fairies to the hinges.

Or maybe some fast black metal, whatever people, just keep investing in variety and bring metal to the big stages in Porto.

Text by J.P. Alves


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