Although our first SWR Report came out this year, we’ve been going to Barroselas since the XIV edition and have seen a lot on those three stages. In celebration of their 20 years (and because we haven’t made any top 10’s in a while) we leave you with the top 10 best live shows at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in the last 5 years (we are leaving this year out of the top since we’ve already covered that shit).



Malignant Tumour – 2012

Starting the top with literal ass ripping, Czech masters “Malignant Tumour” gave us an amazing show at the second stage. At the time, I was still very much into mosh pits, I remember the bass player putting his wig and sunglasses on a random chic and then leaving her there to replace him with his bass strapped to her too. He bailed for the sweet mosh pit where I was.

I got slammed and a benign regular tumour I had in my lower back got infected, a few months later I needed surgery, no regrets, totally worth it. A guy I knew also got hit in the face with a steel tip boot by a backflipping moron who went up on stage, oh the memories. (Picture sort of related, it’s from 2013 when they cancelled but we like it anyway).


Revengeance -2012

Still in 2012 (because we’re doing this chronologically) my first taste of what punks and drunks could do on the third stage late at night exploded right in my face. I don’t remember what was being boring inside, but as I casually strolled off the main stages, I turned to the third stage and a massive orgy of violence in both audience, sound and band was all over the place.

Seriously, when I saw that I wanted more of it in my body. That “Revengeance” show burns bright in my mind to this day, it’s a real shame that they split-up.


Fen – 2013

As we returned to the first stage of SWR for the second time ever, a wave of soothing yet furious black metal embraced us and made us feel home again. We didn’t even know who they were but Fen’s music held us tight in place until the last second of the show. Definitely a band we would love to see return to SWR.


Pentagram -2013

Candlemass might have filled this opening with their theatrical show in the previous year. But what Robert Lowe attempted to do on stage was what Bobby Liebling DID naturally on that stage. A true legend worth of its name, Pentagram haunted the halls of SWR with their sound and it was utterly delicious.

At the time, there was no new album so the audience was met with a stream of classics. However, we have to say, playing the intro for “Be Forewarned” and then later on play the faster, half assed 4 minute version isn’t so good, but it was still one of the most memorable shows we’ve seen in SWR.


Jig- Ai – 2013

Mother of shits, I don’t know how many mosh pits you’ve been throwing yourselves at in Barroselas, but we’ve seen few things more massive and ridiculously fast on that main stage. Those three Czech motherfuckers know how to put on a proper fucking show, trust me, very few bands will leave you as exhausted and beaten down as Jig-Ai.

There was a guy flying around in the pit with a broom and a lot of other weird shit, Obscene Extreme kind of shit, I had two glowsticks, offered one of them to a random guy in exchange for a sip of beer (that crazy goregrind pit made you thirsty) but he gave it to me for free, everything was fine.

They eventually came back to XXXapada for another massive performance and then almost came back again, we hope they manage to come back again for real next time, we miss them.


Mata-Ratos – 2013

The last day of SWR XIVI was coming to an end, Possessed had just brutalized the Stage but “Malignant Tumour” had cancelled and a surprise show was supposed to happen. However, I was tired and a friend of mine was back at the tent sick, so I stayed just in case help was necessary.

As our eyes began to close and sleep began to feel heavy, I heard a familiar sound starting in the distance. It was the sweet melody of napalm raining on all the beloved characters of Sesame Street and that meant only one thing. I raced wildly towards the main stage, passing like a blur through the foreign fans who had no idea what was going on, the legends, the infamous “Mata-Ratos” were starting to tear the people a new asshole on the main stage and it was glorious.

All traces of sleep and exhaustion evaporated as the fun extended and the fans refused to leave the band for hours, classics after classics of Lusitanian hardcore punk swept us, it’s hard to describe how much fun this show was, you really had to be there, doesn’t matter if you’ve seen Mata-Ratos somewhere else, this was truly special.


Grave Miasma – 2014

We would have included Anaal Nathrakh here but in the words of Dave Hunt “The US customs fucked us” and Mick Kenney was not allowed to leave the country, leaving us with wondering if this was Anaal Nathrakh at full force.

Although it was great, right after that “Grave Miasma” a doom death band, materialized through incense smoke on the second stage to give everyone’s neck a brutal beating. Torrents of dirt covered, death smelling doom ranged from slow to fast in a gravely harmonious cacophony, it was scrumptious to our ears. A band that should be back as soon as possible.


Ahab – 2015

We’ve already proclaimed our love for these guys, but our love affair began with SWR. When “Ahab” were confirmed to the festival early in the year, we got curious and gave it a listen, we fell madly in love and were supper Psyched for their show at SWR. “The Divinity of Oceans”, “Deliverance (Shouting at the Dead)”, “Old Thunder” and “The Hunt”, an unforgettable funeral doom experience that lasted 4 songs and was one of the best journeys of all time in this festival.


Zom – 2015

This is another case of true love found at SWR. While casually streaming through the confirmed bands to the festival on youtube, we came across this Irish trio of demented death metal. Their everything about these guys is fucking badass and mysterious, seriously, if we were a sexy teen girl and “Zom” was a man, we’d be completely in love with them even if they treated us like garbage.

The show was like a nightmare lost in space where the insane were dancing and moshing away their last shreds of sanity to summon the old gods, so many boners, so many unforgettable riffs, so simple yet so complex and vile.

Just like that badass guy who treats you like a whore, they have been missing from our lives ever since, no new material, no shows around these parts, I wonder if we dreamed all that shit.



Nadra/Misthyrming – 2016

It would just be weird to split these two, the bands are almost the same in sound and band members but that just meant that we were going to get a double dosage of relentless Icelandic black metal right in the vein. They are coming back soon to Santa Maria Summer Fest and once again, they come together and play on the same day. Both shows were a massive display of stage power and raw black metal destruction masterfully executed.

That’s our list, remember that we don’t have any particular order to these tops, it’s just the best in general. If you have any bands that blew your fucking mind on Barroselas, share your thoughts in the comments and remember to share and like our page.


Text by Drunk On Drugs Staff


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