Summer time approaches and with it, plenty of opportunities for over drinking and debauchery at everyone’s favourite occasion to revel in these things, Festivals.

Portugal might not have as much offer as other places in Europe but there is plenty of quality in several ways spread all over the country and we are here to advise you on which event you should consider to spend your hard earned shekels on, or daddy’s money, whatever the case.


Santa Maria Summer Fest


It’s a little late to be talking about this one, but who cares? One of the best bills of the summer starts next Thursday and even has the word summer in the name. Santa Maria Summer Fest will have amazing shit such as Wolfpack, Rotten Sound, Exoddus, Krisium, Mão Morta, Raw Decimating Brutality, Trollfest, Icelandic Black Metal duos and a lot more awesome shit that you should check out.

Sadly we won’t be able to attend this year but look forward to witnessing this event as soon as possible in the future.




The Phoenix chicken that rose from the ashes of XXXapada na tromba is still alive and this year they are planning another insane wave of slams and gore grind parties in the dank basemente of Rex’s Bowling. With an exclusive European performance by Cephalic Carnage as well as other grotesque acts which include Milking the Goatmachine, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, SpermBloodShit, Dead, Inhume, Ass Deep Tongued, Placenta Power Fist, Cumbeast, Rectal Depravity and many more band names that cannot be said on television.

They have our seal of approval from last year so the hype for the carnage is real.




This boy is a special boy, he has a double personality that manifests in different weekends so you can go to both or none. Many good names have been confirmed to both festivals although the one in the original town is retardedly expensive in comparison to other years. But considering the amount of warm up investment as well as the amount and quality of the bands, we get it.




We love Sonicblast, the camping is great, the stages are great, the town is great, the weather is great and the bill just get’s better each year. It’s also a festival we’ve grown with and it is without a doubt one we always want to come back to every year. It is what Milhoes de Fest once was but it thrives more and more with each edition.

We highly recommend you to check this one yourself if you haven’t already, if you went before you’re probably going again, we haven’t missed a single one since our first time.




This one we’ve only heard of but we hear good things. A different kind of festival from the others on the list, Entremuralhas is more about dark electronics and is sure to give you a different musical perspective, unless you already know all the shit on the bill and all those artists are basically your workout jams.

It’s also inside a fucking castle, that is always a plus in the right direction, we don’t know much more about the festival but we are hoping to find everything out by yourselves this year.


There is definitely more offer out there for you to get drunk during the summer with all your friends and maybe your dog, this is what we recomend, you might want to follow our advice or go exploring yourself, either way we don’t care,


Text by J.P Alves


One comment

  1. Lovely. VOA is a bit symphonic this year…
    I was trying to find info about ENTREMURALHAS but if it’s that electronic… :S humm I don’t think I’m that interested.
    I’m an Early Music Student so I’m a bit picky about music and for a festival wich is called entremuralhas, inside a castle, with this image I was expecting some more handmade sound


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