Farewell Contest- Win a Gorguts Pleiades’ Dust EP


Fellas, remember that time we had a contest? We don’t either… but the time has finally come.

Drunk on Drugs Report is moving to a new domain, about fucking time too, look at this mess.

Henceforth, we must celebrate! Hugh Dick is going to start giving away his cd collection. (He doesn’t like anything so he won’t miss it – he also doesn’t take very good care of his records, so we’re hoping you will).


Our first giveaway is Gorguts’ (talked about here) last EP, Pleiades’ Dust. Don’t ask me how Dick got his huge hands on it, probably his dumb girlfriend bought it for him (Ha! his girlfriend).

The rules are real simple:

-First – put a like on Drunk on Drugs’ Facebook page

Second – tag three amigos in a comment

-Third – share the post, that’s it.

The winner will be announced next Monday (June 19).

Stay tuned for everything metal and more fucking giveaways!



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