A Death Thrash Meeting – Cave 45 – POSITIVELY PSYCHED PARTYBOY


Once again, DoD went into Cave 45 for another great night of drinking and live music. All the bands on the bill were familiar and previously reported on – our expectations were high.


The party kicked off with some gnarly trash metal from “Evillution”…Their
frontman’s attitude was contagious, sweeping the front row into an awesome spectacle
of headbanging and hairspinning. Not a lot of folks had arrived yet, but the
ones there were highly enthusiastic to start things off right, showing the best
of their true metal spirits. It was fucking hot too, so this was the perfect
way to begin the night.

Next up was “Atomik Destruktor” – playing their disrespectful, insolent, ten year old thrash metal to a growing crowd that continued headbanging the heat away. Oh fuck yes – that metalhead hairspinning breeze in a closed off basement on a hot summer night feels so fucking good – Everyone took the musical ejaculation collectively on their faces and the energy of the crowd, band, and staff was over the top. There were some seconds of moshing… but, overall, the headganging was much more abound. You don’t go ten years of thrashing people’s eyelids out if you don’t know how to do it right and keep it right. Before goodbyes, they played the usual “Agent Orange” cover from Sodom, keeping everyone’s crazy levels high and pumped to keep the party going.

Cave 45 was on fire, with a properly warmed up and psyched crowd –
the third and final band, “Pestifer”, took the stage by the balls and let
everyone know – It was time for some fucking Death Metal. The band used to be a trio until recently – they added another guitar player who adds mucho spiciness to the sauce. Once again, there were brief moments of moshing, but Headbanging reigned supreme. Amazing stage presence from start to finish and awesome death metal riffs, they delivered a great show, kicking our crotches relentlessly with their music.


As “Pestifer” prepared to fuck off the stage and end the night, they severely drunk and fervent crowed needed another. Giving the masses what their drunken hearts desired, more headbanging and hairspinning ensued. As the crowd’s hormones raged on and testosterone reached its peak, for some reason, Hugh Dick seemed really ticked off when they played the last song.

Cave 45 delivered another great night of metal and a show everyone
could enjoy, which is what we’ve become accustomed to – a good fucking night of

Just in case you missed it, this was the night we started recording shit, here you have our video report, straight from our Youtube Channel. Subscribe there if you already love us on our other platforms.


Text and video by J.P. Alves



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