Dead Lord – Cave 45 – Positively Psyched Partyboy


For SWR, summer is the off season…This, however, has never stopped those beautiful bastards from giving us reminders of why we should love them. With that said, they delivered once again, putting together a good trio of bands we know, love, and reported on in the past (as well as shit we never heard of before!)

The night started with a band that has graced some of our top ten best lists, “Mr Mojo” – Awesome stoner as usual.


Unfortunately (I’m really devastated), we arrived with only five minutes remaining on their show…it was over – Mother fucking traffic all over town kept us from getting there on time to fully enjoy the performance – It was still amazing, and we managed to capture some footage, so we still hit the night off with a good start.

mojo (2)mojo 3

Next up came the champions of Brutal Soccer and The Keepers of the old ways of Metal…“Wanderer” – They punched the audience right in the nards with their kickass attitude and speed induced Heavy Metal.




Shit was going great until some fucking fuse exploded (overloaded by the band’s awesome music, no doubt), making everyone drink in the dark for a couple of minutes.


The power grid came back on line and the band picked up where they were cut off. Shortly after, epic speed metal ensued and it was fucking delicious.


They tried to finish their gig but the audience just needed more, so being the kick-ass band they are, they played “Victim of States Power” by Running Wild. Oh yes, it was fucking wild.


Here is their full show:

The time for the main event was upon us. The swedes “Dead Lord” went up last on stage to rock us with their rock, and rock us with their rock they did… So much so, that people got stoned off the music alone, succumbing to the sounds and allowing their bodies to be possessed by the acoustic ecstasy in the room.


Sick melodical riffs accompanied with their incredible showmanship and stage presence made for a great performance. 


Since they was the last band on stage, (we were fucked up by then) I’m having a hard time remembering how many extra songs they played for us – one thing is for sure, the crowd did not want them to leave, and neither did we. They ended their performance in style, leaving behind a more than satisfied audience.


(We’re still experimenting all the possibilities our piece of shit camera has to offer – this time, we trusted a tripod instead of unstable drunk people arms…here are the results. Remember to subscribe if you haven’t yet!)


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by William Schmidt


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