Viseu Rockfest 2017 – Positively Psyched Partyboy Report


After driving through someone’s wedding and ending up on a private boar farm in the woods, we finally arrived at Viseu Rockfest…




Just in time to see “Misantropia” toss their delicious crust at our faces under the blazing sun. They had to launch it pretty far since the audience was stuck at the back of the venue, it was like a massive Metalpoint open air. (The last part of that sentence made me really horny).




Next band on stage was “Rattle of Bones” with some fucking awesome spanish death metal. The drummer was familiar, he might have been the frontman for WxOxBx, which we saw back at Sublime Torture Fest.


As the day went on, people started getting lively and alcoholized, including us… so we are not entirely sure which band was next, it might have been “Unfleshed” or “Come Cacos”, we’ll start with the punks since we have a faint memory that the sun was brighter when they played.


Although we’ve seen this band multiple times already, and always enjoy to do it again, it seems we haven’t reported on “Come Cacos” yet…


You may be asking yourself, Why is “Come Cacos” the fucking best? Because it doesn’t matter how many people show up, or what the weather is like, or how many people are into the show, they always deliver a powerful performance with massive amounts of energy.


Also, the frontman is fucking hilarious… he has the habit of starting mosh pits himself as you will see in our footage. True GG Allin material, only without the poop.


To the band, if you are reading this, don’t take the poop reference as a challenge, we love you the way you are, keep up the good punk.

We’re fairly sure that “Unfleshed” followed up next… We saw these guys way back at Porto Death Fest. Once again, they delivered a wave of old school death metal that swept the audience, starting a slow approach that led everyone towards the stage… Not the drunks of course, they were already there the whole time.


Before their brutally satisfying show was over, they played a sick cover of Cannibal Corpse’s “Stripped, raped, and strangled”, a romantic classic we haven’t heard in a long time.


The band for the mid part of the festival was supposed to be “Clockwork boys”… but they got sacked. Instead, we got “Patrulha do Purgatório”, playing an enjoyable amalgamation of original songs and Portuguese punk classics to an increasingly drunk crowd.


At this point, we wondered why this was called Viseu Rockfest… since we hadn’t seen a single rock band since we got here, fine by me though. The alcohol was working, any kind of music would do.


More old school death metal ensued as “Sacred Sin” shattered the stage. The crowd was fucking horny from all the drinking and the music only made them hornier.


The audience was getting acquainted with the pit and the front of the stage as “Sacred Sin” flayed their faces off with brutality.

We took some time to rest before “Tarantula”, the even more old school band, was going to grace the stage… Sadly we got a little distracted and overenthusiastic with what we were doing… and ended up missing it!

If that makes you really sad, you can read what we think about them on a previous report, here.

The party reached its climax when “Malignant Tumour” went on stage to paint Viseu every fucking shade of red with their crusty party blend of metal, rock, and grind.

Although it’s the third time we see these guys (we wrote about them the second time around here), their performances never get old or tiresome.

Not being overly excited during a MT show just feels anticlimactic, that’s why we did this when they played “Infernor”:

Also… our photographer fell asleep after Sacred Sin… yeah, these videos are all we got from MT, you get the idea, it was brutal and it was fucking awesome.

They played new grooves such as “The Metalist” and “Walk as we talk”, while filling the gaps with the classics that everyone loves, “We are the Metal”, “Clearance of Century” and “Earthshaker”.

By this time, we were severely fucked up on drink and drugs, not sure if they played one or two more songs before leaving…but we’re gonna go with two. How did we even get this much footage… What a satanic miracle.

Viseu Rockfest was sweet, the location is great, the venue is great, the bands were amazing, a fucking good proper party indeed… We hope to be back next year, totally worth getting lost in a boar farm.



Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photos by Bianca Oceane

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