Blood Red Throne – Pestifer – Corpsia – Cave 45 – POSITIVELY PSYCHED PARTYBOY REPORT


There’s never a dull moment when its SWR organizing the party, this Thursday they brought bloody death metal to Cave 45… and it was fucking awesome!

“Trepid Elucidation” were supposed to open but for some reason, those bastards got sacked… stepping up to fill in their spot was the Brazilian group “Corpsia”, playing some nice ass thrash.

A band with attitude, no doubt… something rare and precious in opening bands. The place wasn’t packed yet, but the turnout was looking good already. “Corpsia” gave zero shits and played their music with real brutal intensity, an enjoyable performance and a great start for the night yet to come.

Second on stage to perform was “Pestifer” reported in previous publications – here and here. As always, they gave us an extremely gratifying death metal show, plenty of sexy fingering on the chords which was like fingering in our ears, oh yes. Really happy we got to see them again.

The main event was up next – “Blood Red Throne”, hailing from Norway, and their second time in Portugal. We got to see them play at Barroselas, sadly, we weren’t in the business back then… but carry good memories of their show… unlike the band who doesn’t seem to remember, too much drinking, our kind of dudes!

Remember this?


At this point, the house was packed real nice and tight with headbangers and the sheer intensity coming from the band was orgasmic. From the vocalist’s lightning fast windmilling that would put Corpsegrinder to shame… to the frantic headbanging of the crowd… cooling me off better than the ceiling fans. (Nothing beats metalheads for means of climatization).

No moshing occurred at all during the entirety of the show, don’t ask me why. I suppose people wanted to headgang more than they wanted to elbow each other in the nads, which in my book is perfectly acceptable.

The night was great, the performances were spot on, plenty of air fisting, intense Olympic level headbanging… jokes about Spaniards because they don’t get English apparently, sick riffs, fast beats and some fucking brutal vocals, damn!

They were certainly not Johnny Cash… hopefully they will remember this time they came to Portugal, in case they don’t, we are here to remind them with our shitty ass videos and reports!

Speaking of which, here is the shitty ass video we did this time, bellow that are all the sexy pictures.





Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photos by Ines Oliveira


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