Melt Banana – Maus Hábitos – Partyboy Report


A concert at Maus Hábitos…one of the gayest trap spots in town…fuck us, we were not expecting that…we’ll take it over the usual trap and homosexual Beyoncé parties.

We were seriously surprised to hear that legendary Japanese noise grind duo “Melt Banana” decided to play their first gig ever in the country at such a place, good job on the great booking.

Their concert venue is always too packed and fucking hot as balls…. These kinds of shows happen maybe once a year over at Maus Habitos, that’s why we have never reported anything from there before.

With that out of the way, it’s been far too long since we last saw “Melt Banana”! Having seen these guys at the festival which became our first ever DOD Report, going back to do it again was a no brainer.

Yasuko and Ichirou made the crowd orgasm for what felt like hours of delicious wacky ass music….Not even the brutal death metal we saw last week at Cave 45 could compare in how fucking brutally violent the crowd was.

This photo is taken by AllWinner's v3-sdv

Feels kind of unnecessary to say that a band who is older than any of us had massive stage presence, but you can be sure of it, they fucking did!

It was also really fun to see people trying to mosh to such random music, it would work from time to time but the peaks of speed and weird shit going on mixed with the utter chaos made for a very enjoyable scene from start to finish.

Before the last two songs (only played because we were such a good audience) we learned that Yasuko’s footwear is 99% fabricated in Portugal! Way to boost our collective ego as a country, fuck yeah! This is why we like to see bands over here.

When it was over, the floor of the pit was slippery with sweat and various wasted liqueurs…bodies were sore, necks were aching and our faces were stuck with a perpetual smile for a few hours.


Text, video and shitty photography by J.P. Alves



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