Blood Incantation – Spectral Voice – Metalpoint – Partyboy Report


God damn this weekend was a fucking blur of madness, we made our first video report at Metalpoint, which was great! We’re finally able to sit our asses, gather our thoughts and get down to business.

Upon arrival, “Spectral Voice” was on stage playing their delicious doom infused death metal to an entranced audience. No one lingered in the back this time around, all eyes and ears were up front.

The show was absolutely amazing, their death metal flowed so smoothly, the doom danced along with it so deftly and the audience banged their heads properly and with passion, as did the band.

The room was blue and foggy, completing the ambience for the spectacle… Seriously, we’ll be disappointed if we ever walk inside a big ancestral tomb and don’t hear “Spectral Voice” coming from the walls.

Blood Incantation” was very much amazing in the same way… the room this time around glowing with a blood red tint.

For this gig, they had the guitarist sing instead of the drummer. Their doom was not as frequent but still there and still sounding awesome.

How are these guys so fucking good? Did they sell something to a dark otherworldly entity in exchange for kickass extreme metal skills? We’re skeptics so we’re going to say their hard work and love for the trade was involved.

“Blood Incantation” managed to pull off a small mosh pit for a few seconds. It didn’t go anywhere but the excitement it propelled stayed throughout the rest of the show.

People were seriously dripping in sweat from headbanging the whole time. How could you not? Those tunes man, amazing tunes.

After tricking us into thinking they were gonna leave, the screams from the audience brought them back and “Hovering Lifeless” ended the show in proper fashion.

What a tremendous duo, we highly recommend these guys to you in any form, even the t shirts were amazing, though we spent all our money on beer.

Unfortunately, Cave 45 is closing and everyone including us are glum about it. However, Porto’s Metalpoint will always stand strong, and in nights like these, we are reminded of how unique and powerful this place is.

Metalpoint is love.

Here is all the evidence that we were there and saw some great shit:





Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photography by Diogo A.


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