Porto Death Fest III – Metalpoint – Partyboy Report


Yes! Porto Death Fest is back again and so are we for the second time! Unlike most normal webzines, we didn’t get credentials to this by sending a nice message to the organization. No, nothing like that…We drunkenly ran into the organizers in the middle of the night the day before the show, they told us to come, so here we are now!

This should also explain our random array of pictures and lack of video for this event. That’s right, only text and photographs, just like the good ol’ days.

Only one of these bands hasn’t shown up in our previous reports, and the first band – “Voyance” was reported way before DOD was a thing, you can check it out here.

Voyance” started off the not so lazy Sunday afternoon with some cool and brutal grindcore. The vocalist had a sick voice that pierced right through your brain, leaving you in a state of pure delight. As usual, most of the crowd was still glued to the back of the venue… and not because of the bar.

However, I must say that this Porto Death Fest had a lot more movement than last year. People were already excited when “Voyance” played as two guys dueled it out with a pair of crutches in the pit. There’s something you don’t see every day, and boy was it enjoyable to watch!

Next came “Pestifer”, a great band that we have reported on quite a few times and got some cool footage of. Once they started, a torrent of brutal death came roaring off the stage, we wouldn’t expect anything else from these guys. If you’re interested in reading all the shit we’ve said about them in the past, just write the name on the research tab and take your pick, there’s quite a few.

Of all the shows we’ve seen, this was definitely the most intense and overcrowded by far. Fucking brutal from start to finish.

Dehuman” was next to perform, they played a nice, classy sounding death metal to a shy audience…at first… then like a virus, from out of nowhere, headbanging went wild and didn’t stop until necks dropped. Hailing from Belgium, they schooled everyone on what Death Metal sounds like.

To finish up the night, “Master” gave us an extraordinarily overwhelming performance. We previously wrote a report on these sick mother fuckers at SWR’s twentieth birthday party… this time, the band was right in our face and their music hit like a sledgehammer to the nuts!

Starting casually and without bullshitting around, the first riffs coming off the amps instantly opened up the pit which remained packed with all its glory until the very last second. Even when the drummer played his awesome interlude solo, people were still going wild and dancing crazily.

Classics and new songs flew in our ears leaving a satisfied grin across everyone at the show. Even though the house was packed, there is always room for mosh pits, (even if there isn’t).

It’s hard to say which one was better, the show we had seen at SWR, or this one… Both were relentlessly aggressive, oozing with groovy death metal riffs and making the crowd ejaculate repeatedly with sonic gratification.

We can conclude that “Master” is always worth the € you pay to go see them live. No matter how drunk, sober or on whatever fucking drugs you’re on, this is a very aptly named band.

Another delicious Porto Death Fest in the books. They are getting bigger, we honestly hope it doesn’t get too big and moves out of Metalpoint, unless Metalpoint buys the whole mall and converts it into a sick as fuck festival ground!

That would be fucking lit, an entire mall dedicated to festivals? Count us in for the next one and all the other ones to come!

Here are the pictures for all the reading impaired, mostly drunks drinking but still good, your face might be in there:


Text by J.P. Alves

Photos by Bianca Oceane





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