The Atomic Bitchwax – Jesus the Snake – CAVE 45 – Partyboy Report


No way was Cave 45 closing without these beautiful bitches coming back for another round of some sweet ass mother fucking music, just the way we like it. RIP IN REST Cave 45.

Opening the night was a group we missed back during Sonicblast’s warm up day, “Jesus the Snake”.

It started out very stoner, three guys played some fucking nice doomy sounding tunes to an ever growing audience. It was pretty mellow with ups and downs. After a while into their gig, they got a random keyboardist who mixed shit up, making each hit on the joint better than the last.

As usual, everyone was standing in the back of the venue except for the press, those fucking jews with their big ass expensive and very pawnable material. Aside from that, it was a really nice opening performance, very chill and worth seeing again.

Next up on stage… the return of “The Atomic Bitchwax” to Cave 45! A small intro mellowed everyone into the zone as the band prepared to rape our ears with the classic epic of the ages, “Hope you die”!

No necks stood still, bodies moved on their own and the air reeked of that sweet green herb as the atomic power of bitches and wax rolled over the crowd like a heavy cloud of dense fog, engulfing everyone and everything in room.

Not only do they play their music exceptionally well, it’s even better to listen to live. This was truly a party, the band enjoying itself as the audience exploded with enthusiasm. Classic songs mingled with recent ones and they gave us some we’ve never heard as well… “Giant”, “Birth to the Earth”, “So come on”, “Live a little”, “War Claw”, “Shit Kicker”, “Force Field” and plenty more.

Moshing was rampant in many songs, they put some hardcore death metal bands to shame, atomic shame.

It was good to know that Atomic’s guitar player’s favorite city in the world is Porto, so if your dumb ass missed this great opportunity for some good o’le mother fucking sweet tunes, maybe you’ll be lucky, maybe they’ll be back in town again to remember Cave 45 with us.






Text and video by J.P. Alves

Photos by Diogo A.


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