Dokuga – Cruelist – BAD! – SYSTEMIK VIØLENCE – CAVE 45 – Spicy Report




As of last Thursday we have one month to enjoy the last ever concerts on Cave 45, a place that for a couple of years many of us called (and are still calling) home. So naturally missing this Saturday’s concert of Dokuga, Cruelist, BAD! and Systemik Violence was not an option.

It was also kind of a release party for the Dokuga / Systemik Violence split “Make Punk Raw Again” – but I guess everybody forgot to mention it. “Systemik Violence” had the hard task of waking and inciting people, they made it look easy through their burning spirit act with a hateful black n roll attitude.

The night couldn’t have started any better. I had my daily dose of UGH’s and they made me feel like the pussy punk I am. I still haven’t decided if I’m on the EYELINER team or SKI MASK team.

“BAD!” Wasn’t that bad. The vocalist was trying to stir it up a bit and he was successful, the 2-step monkey dance ninjas stole the show.

Next came “Cruelist” teaching us a cold lesson in hardcore/crust with melodic shenanigans. This trio’s sound is more solid than ever and they impress me every time with their energizing riffs. After these past years with so many emerging bands like this coming and going, “Cruelist” makes this genre still seem fresh, without sounding like the same thing over and over.

Porto punks “Dokuga” ended the night with their raw display of what a great punk show should be. Their sound has evolved through these 11 years but they stay true to their raw side. At this point the drugs started to kick in so I gave everything I had to give.

After the concerts, Mr. Gonzo skillfully DJ’d his way of delightful tracks from Darkthrone to Jefferson Airplane. What a colossal fucking night!


Text by Spicy Girl


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