Invicta Requiem Mass III – Partyboy Report


irm III

We’re gonna tell you guys a little story about this super-secret, highly exclusive, underground as fuck meeting of satanic forces that we went to.

Metalpoint descended into pure darkness as the third round of Invicta Requiem Mass was underway. Unreadable black logos were rampant while moshing, press, photographs, guest lists, speaking, cell phones, idiots, smiling or any expression of joy was strictly forbidden.

As we entered, the band “Degredo” we’re busy setting the ambience. Candles surrounded by layers of flowing wax, upside-down babies on fire, split pig’s heads, human skulls and the darkest of all incense accompanied their somber music (the most beautiful scene…and it would remain that way for the duration of the event).

This band’s music went very well as the introduction to an amazing night, they gave us chilling melodies with tribal drums, lonely guitars and bone chilling howls, a great way to start a night of the sweetest black metal.

“Trono Além Morte” followed, taking us deeper into the darkness with sick drumming that was similar to the opening act, but with a tint of blast beat. At some point during the night, the drummer and vocalist switched places on stage, I can’t remember if it was during this band’s performance or the next ones, but man was I going deeper and deeper into the darkness.

Next up was “Ordem Satanica”, their music was very similar to the previous band, as were a few of their members. The night continued to get better and better, one thing was very clear, all the musicians performing on stage certainly understood what good Black Metal was and every song was executed flawlessly (and it just kept getting better, what a fucking sick night!).

At this point I was pretty drunk, everything was heavy and I couldn’t really tell who was who and what was what. Everyone was fucking hyped to watch “Mons Veneris”, according to what we we’ve been told, these guys were super exclusive to the underground scene and seeing them live was a unique event from another world! Holy shit, please Jesus, count us in!

We got inside, we were fucking drunk, we were fucking high, we fucking watched the band and it was fucking lit! God DAMN that shit was amazing!

Throughout the show, the vocalist’s back patch confused the fuck out of me, and later I found out why it read “Marthyrium”.

So, sources told me that “Mons Veneris” got sacked, their main man wasn’t feeling too well and ended up in the hospital. We have zero details on this so we won’t comment any further.

“Marthyrium” was the band we saw on stage, bringing the aggressiveness of the night to new heights of blast beating satanic adulation. After a show like that, I have to say for everyone here at DoD, we are glad we missed them at SWR.

Yes, you read that correctly, we are GLAD we missed them back then. Why?

Well, we saw “Marthyrium” inside a black pit in the wall, surrounded by a gruesomely chilling atmosphere of claustrophobic lust.

You don’t get that feeling on the third stage at Barroselas while the sun burns cancer into your face. There is nothing black metal about the fucking sun!

“Marthyrium” was the most intense band until that point, setting the tone for the rest of the night with their relentlessness, howling and pure black metal satisfaction.

“Irae” played next on stage, keeping the extreme musical darkness on the same level of Satan as the previous band.

We’ve been hearing about these guys since forever and never had a chance to catch them live. Good fucking show fellas, no wonder people come from all ends of the peninsula to have Portuguese Black Metal pierce into their minds and souls with occult riffs and somber overtones.

Ending the glorious night was “Infernüs”, the black metal version of “Alcoholocaust”, (another awesome show). At this point we were entranced by the malicious darkness of the evening and they built on this momentum, only the strong remained to witness this through the end.

Rumor has it that a secret band played after the show, something that was not on the bill and that many others didn’t know about…

What a fucking amazing night of black metal, mystery, darkness, leather, spikes, beer, weed and not saying a single word to the audience.

Misanthropic void juice up your ass!


Text by J.P. Alves


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