Knights of the Night – Cave 45 – Partyboy Report



Oh yeah! Time for some classic motherfucking Heavy Metal action! No blackness or gore, no experimental shit, nothing but pure, unadulterated, old school Heavy Metal just as they made it back in the golden age of the 80’s.

We can guarantee you one thing right now, everything on this Night of Knights was great, every band shone with the glory of metal for up to 30 minutes a piece and it was divine!

Sadly, overshadowing this glorious epic night was the solemn fact that this was the last time these bands would get a chance to play in the sweet ass basement of Cave 45…

As we descended the stairs and turned towards the stage “Soul Doubt” was already throwing people against the walls with their music. Fashionably late as usual, we only caught their last song, plus a bonus song for good measure since the crowd was amped up as fuck. One thing is certain, Cave 45 was packed as shit and it was still the first band.

The show was amazing, “Soul Doubt” gave us their customary relentless display of power and control over everyone in the audience.  We’ve seen them before, check it here or here.

Following them was “Toxik Attack”, keeping the party ball rolling hard with a sweet performance. Their charismatic vocalist made the floor wet with his leather jacket (the ladies in the audience could not contain their excitement, and neither could I).

After some awesome rounds of head banging and moshing, the band played one more at the crowds request before saying their final goodbyes to Cave 45. Tears were shed for our beloved venue.

We’ve seen these fellas open up for Entombed A.D. in the past, check it here.

Now was time for the one band we had not seen before, “Lyzzärd”. Fun fucking fact: The band was included in one of Fenriz’s personal playlists…Yes, THAT Fenriz, the one from “Darkthrone” that you really like.

We were psyched for this show but nothing could prepare us for the real thing!

“Lyzzärd” exploded on stage with the force of a thousand leather clad atomic bombs and the audience exploded with them. Their front man was 80’s Heavy Metal incarnate, jumping and howling before a psyched crowd… feeding them with pure energy and passion.

We did not know any of their songs, so their brand new never before heard hit that they played was just as new to us as everything else. Fucking brilliant from start to finish, we even got to hear a cover from Michael Sembello’s Maniac which was lit af and way better than the original. Another band that left the audience asking for more at the end.

Closing this Night of Knights came the shining, rocking comets that carry Lusitanian Heavy Metal back to the 80’s with every performance. “Wanderer” took to the stage and rocked like never before, the crowd orgasming with the band for the last time inside these walls.

We’ve seen these guys quite a lot, hell, we have a full show of them on our YouTube page! So many of their shows were top notch, particularly that time at Monasterium Fest, but this one was just fucking special.

The crowd flew around recklessly as they sung along with the band to some sweet classics, “Freedom’s Call” and “Warriors of Tomorrow” stood out in particular. The band kept giving all their power and showmanship throughout the performance and the audience loved it.

We’re used to this from “Wanderer” but it’s always nice to see familiar acts blowing unfamiliar minds and making new fans for themselves.

It was the last time it would happen within these walls… in a few months, there will probably be some unsuspecting hippie tourists washing their sandals in the basement of a brand new hostel…but in all of our hearts there will always be a dank basement called Cave 45.



Text and Video by J.P. Alves


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